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Started by SIN JONES in PaganSpace Announcements (Admin Only)Latest Reply

Basic Site Rules

Most of you are probably already aware of most of this because it's pretty standard stuff :) Basic Rules of the Site No nudity or pornogr…

Started by Starrfire Price in PaganSpace Announcements (Admin Only)Latest Reply

Keeping your activity on PS between the lines of acceptable & Spammers

Below is a partial copied posting from earlier, but I thought the issue should be dealt with in it's own topic so it's seen by all. I think…

Started by Starrfire Price in PaganSpace Announcements (Admin Only)Latest Reply

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Tell me something I don't know.

Started by Allie in Member Introductions

16 52 minutes ago
Reply by Aurelia Pontia

Trump is planning to lose the debates

As was predicted, Trump's already laying more of the damage control groundwork before the debates even start. He's so certain Hillary is g…

Started by Aurelia Pontia in Politics

84 1 hour ago
Reply by Aurelia Pontia

Can a modern human attain Godhood?

Hello! This is something that has been lingering inside my head for quite some time, can a human being living in the current modern world…

Started by Lucius in Deity, Godforms & Divinities

9 3 hours ago
Reply by Aurelia Pontia

Hello all

I'm new here, just thought I'd say HI.  I'm still learning my way around's confusing for an old fool.  Anyway happy Mabon everybo…

Started by Seymour Butts in Modern Paganism

6 6 hours ago
Reply by Psyche

Witchiest vs. Least Witchy U.S. States

Which are the witchiest states in the U.S.?  Which are the least witchy?   I was curious to find out, so I did an Excel spreadsheet to calc…

Started by Nephele, Mistress of Names in Modern Paganism

24 8 hours ago
Reply by Nephele, Mistress of Names

Would You Call Back Your Loved Ones?

Just curious as to opinions about not only communicating with the dead but also trying to contact your loved ones who have crossed on. Woul…

Started by Ariel Ganshmi in After-life, Re-incarnation, NDE, OBE

15 10 hours ago
Reply by Shiana

Pictures from our Home

From Twitter Acceptable Journeys

Started by David J. Mcessey in Symbolism

102 11 hours ago
Reply by David J. Mcessey

Your Pagan Name in Anagram

Within the letters of your ordinary, everyday name hides a Pagan name that is uniquely your own.  It is only waiting to be revealed in anag…

Started by Nephele, Mistress of Names in Modern Paganism

8811 yesterday
Reply by Nephele, Mistress of Names

The Violence in Charlotte, NC

I am very new to my journey to Wicca and I am also in Law Enforcement and I feel like my world has broken into sheer chaos. People are acti…

Started by Melissa Maddox in General Discussions

5 yesterday
Reply by Melissa Maddox


Hello- I am new here :) I came in an effort to be able to network and find new people who walk similar paths. I am an Empathic Witch and a…

Started by Purple Rain in Member Introductions

15 yesterday
Reply by Giorgos Arkeythos


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