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Started by SIN JONES in PaganSpace Announcements (Admin Only)Latest Reply

Basic Site Rules

Most of you are probably already aware of most of this because it's pretty standard stuff :) Basic Rules of the Site No nudity or pornogr…

Started by Starrfire Price in PaganSpace Announcements (Admin Only)Latest Reply

Keeping your activity on PS between the lines of acceptable & Spammers

Below is a partial copied posting from earlier, but I thought the issue should be dealt with in it's own topic so it's seen by all. I think…

Started by Starrfire Price in PaganSpace Announcements (Admin Only)Latest Reply

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Pagan union, the herding of cats.

Some people love diversity, and others; yeah not so much. I am deeply in the diversity camp, different thoughts and ways is interesting, fu…

Started by Jameson Jung in Modern Paganism

0 14 minutes ago

Relighting the Fires - Dealing with Spiritual Hiatus

Have you ever hit a brick wall spiritually? Have you ever become complacent, disinterested or distracted in your path thus leading to an al…

Started by Sorvinea in Member Introductions

4 50 minutes ago
Reply by Jameson Jung

Take your shoes off!

Do you ever walk around barefoot in your yard and immediately feel relaxed and recharged? It's always good to make contact with nature thro…

Started by Enra in Modern Paganism

5 56 minutes ago
Reply by Jameson Jung

What song do have on your mind right now?

What song are you listening to or can think of off the top of your head?

Started by Lord Foul in Modern Paganism

3135 1 hour ago
Reply by Jameson Jung

looking for vampire

hi im looking for a real vampire....know anyone

Started by twilight princess in Commonly asked Questions

156 1 hour ago
Reply by Jameson Jung

What if you no longer want the results of a spell?

This is just a random question to pose to the group. Have you ever done a spell for something and then not want it?  Like for example if yo…

Started by TheWitchofShades in Commonly asked Questions

5 1 hour ago
Reply by Jameson Jung

End the EU.

It is time for those in the UK to send a clear message to the banks, to governments and to big businesses - your scare mongering, your irre…

Started by Son of Laufey in Group Efforts

92 3 hours ago
Reply by Fiona

Strange Encounters today

Life as a psychic and witch is so Jarring sometimes>.. I went  out to the other side of town - where the spaceships got arrested. To pic…

Started by Elisabeth Cartwright in Modern Paganism

13 5 hours ago
Reply by Nephele, Mistress of Names

Devil pod/trapa bicornis

Does anyone know a bulk supplier(or any supplier really) of trapa bicornis?  They seem to only be available certain times of the year.(from…

Started by TheWitchofShades in General Discussions

3 7 hours ago
Reply by TheWitchofShades

Female Masturbation Is ‘Direct Path To Satan’

“Dildos and all of those other sex toys have been used for thousands of years in demonic sex rituals,” he wrote. “It’s one of the main ways…

Started by Ganshmi in Articles, & Topical News

104 10 hours ago
Reply by Dave Pellani


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