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PaganSpace Newsletter 7/16/14

Newsletter Sponsors Click Here to be featured in our next Newsletter Going out May 10, 2014 Want to get noticed? Advertise with Pa…

Started by Starr Price in PaganSpace Announcements (Admin Only)Latest Reply

PaganSpace Newsletter 6/12/14

Newsletter Sponsors Dragonstar Books and Gifts in Mesa, AZ. Serving the Pagan community since 2004. Located on the NW corner of Val V…

Started by Starr Price in PaganSpace Announcements (Admin Only)Latest Reply

Forum Discussion Categories

In an effort to better organize the forum, please be mindful of the category you are choosing when creating new topics. See: Forum Categor…

Started by SIN JONES in PaganSpace Announcements (Admin Only)Latest Reply

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Back In the Broom Closet...Help!

When I was a teen, I told my mother about my interest in Wicca. I never claimed to be a witch, I just simply said I wanted to learn more ab…

Started by DarkCandy23 in Modern Paganism

15 14 minutes ago
Reply by Aurelia Pontia

The Devil's Palace

I suppose that this is my own fault.  Before I went to sleep, I was singing and dancing to Devil Dance by Malice in Wonderland.  I really g…

Started by Fiona in Dreams

8 16 minutes ago
Reply by Barry J King

Obama's Homo demons

Yeah so this is a thing:

Started by Jason Durham in Politics

27 50 minutes ago
Reply by Jason Durham

Your Pagan Name in Anagram

What is a "pagan name"?  Simply put, a pagan name is any name with meaning and symbolism that may appeal to a pagan. What is an anagram? …

Started by Nephele, Oracle of the Anagram in Modern Paganism

6262 3 hours ago
Reply by Nephele, Oracle of the Anagram

What song do have on your mind right now?

What song are you listening to or can think of off the top of your head?

Started by Lord Foul in Music, Song, Lyrics & Chanting

2681 3 hours ago
Reply by Magister Samps son

Black Cats and Faeries

It is very stereotypical for a Pagan to have a black cat, especially among Witches (who consider themselves Pagans, not all do). My black c…

Started by Siofra Treewalker in Member Introductions

12 4 hours ago
Reply by Jessica Adaryn Kyla

Places Have Energies!

Certain places carry their own energies,I believe,even some stores. I Can NOT go into Sams Club or a hardware store! I just start jumping o…

Started by Celticlass...FAERIE QUEEN in After-life, Re-incarnation, NDE, OBE

70 4 hours ago
Reply by Vehuel

wiccan hunting .......... a classic....... this is a classic from the landover church.. now remember folks.  always check your sources before commenting…

Started by Forestmuse in Modern Paganism

6 4 hours ago
Reply by Blacmist

Tech Recall

Started by David J. Mcessey in Modern Paganism

0 6 hours ago

ISIS Bogey Feels Like CIA-Mossad-Pentagon-Blackwater Psy Op


Started by Joel Milan in The Humor Area

22 7 hours ago
Reply by David J. Mcessey


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