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Started by SIN JONES in PaganSpace Announcements (Admin Only)Latest Reply

Basic Site Rules

Most of you are probably already aware of most of this because it's pretty standard stuff :) Basic Rules of the Site No nudity or pornogr…

Started by Starrfire Price in PaganSpace Announcements (Admin Only)Latest Reply

Keeping your activity on PS between the lines of acceptable & Spammers

Below is a partial copied posting from earlier, but I thought the issue should be dealt with in it's own topic so it's seen by all. I think…

Started by Starrfire Price in PaganSpace Announcements (Admin Only)Latest Reply

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who profits from US prisoners

ATTENTION This post is NOT meant to offend people who are related or married to the cops.   If you are easily offended, then this post may…

Started by Fiona in Politics

23 10 minutes ago
Reply by Aurelia Pontia

How do YOU tell the difference between what is "supernatural" and what is not?

I'm not here to argue semantics in this thread, so I am going to use the lay man's term for this sake; supernatural. My question is, if yo…

Started by Lady Xoc in Modern Paganism

37 18 minutes ago
Reply by Aurelia Pontia

Religious Discrimination

Wondering what you guys think of this article.  I've been blessed to work with people and bosses who knew "the real me" and didn't care or…

Started by weedblossom in Articles, & Topical News

5 22 minutes ago
Reply by Aurelia Pontia


Look, guys, I adore all of you, I do. I love the topics you post about, the things that you say sometimes crack me up for days. BUT I've go…

Started by Lilith Wolfstear in Daily Banter

185 44 minutes ago
Reply by Wayaha

wicca/pagan morality questions

as you know I am researching wicca to write a book, the thing is I am marrying it to some other mythlogies. so I am going to pose a could o…

Started by josh lee head in Modern Paganism

37 1 hour ago
Reply by SIN JONES



Started by Amee Tuta Starglow in Group Efforts

72 1 hour ago
Reply by SIN JONES

Opinions on Dijinn, Angels, or Haunted Items?

I just want to get a view of anyone's opinion on Dijinn [better known as Jinn] , Angels, or haunted items in general. Do you think this is…

Started by Ariel in Commonly asked Questions

19 2 hours ago
Reply by WoodTygr

Offer To The Gods

Today I left an offering to the gods. I was cutting up strawberries for my lunch today and decided it would be a good idea to offer some to…

Started by Ariel in Modern Paganism

11 7 hours ago
Reply by Magister Samps son

Help Please!

Hello my sister contacted me telling me a weird symbol appeared on her neck which she described as a spot and then what looked like a line…

Started by Amy in Symbolism

14 14 hours ago
Reply by Your Gf's Favorite Pagan~

Getting ready for labor: Advice for a first time mom.

Hello everyone. So I am currently 22 weeks pregnant with my husband and I's first child, a daughter to be named Merrin Arlene. And we are b…

Started by SupremeTacos in Family

7 yesterday
Reply by Calista


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