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Malware Detection from Google

Yesterday, Google placed up their red Malware block page onto - the reason it appeared on PaganSpace is because I host ou…

Started by Starr Price in PaganSpace Announcements (Admin Only)Latest Reply

PaganSpace Newsletter 8/28/14

Newsletter Sponsors Click Here to be featured in our next Newsletter. Want to get noticed? Advertise with PaganSpace! Lots of Spri…

Started by Starr Price in PaganSpace Announcements (Admin Only)Latest Reply

Forum Discussion Categories

In an effort to better organize the forum, please be mindful of the category you are choosing when creating new topics. See: Forum Categor…

Started by SIN JONES in PaganSpace Announcements (Admin Only)Latest Reply

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Baal is really Allah or Allah is really Baal (the Moon Diety)

Does anyone here care to weigh in with what they know of Baal and his really being Allah, thereby making Islam's origins not REALLY monothe…

Started by Odinsbacklash in Deity, Godforms & Divinities

50 30 minutes ago
Reply by El Gringo

CBS’ CSI and "The Book of Shadows"

Hello Fellow Spectrums It was intriguing to watch, to say the least. The October 19, Season 15 Episode 4 called, “The Book of Shadows.” As…

Started by Mark Johnson in General Discussions

2 32 minutes ago
Reply by Psyche


MoldaviteMOLDAVITE Moldavite is the name given to the meteorite that fell to our earth 15 million years ago. The area where it landed is…

Started by Caspian in Daily Banter

9 6 hours ago
Reply by

So is Satan Good Or Evil ?

What's your oppinion , and wtf lucifer has to do with it ?

Started by Baraonda in Commonly asked Questions

45 6 hours ago
Reply by Seroine Krowley

How do I make an offering to a Deity??? (WARNING! Be prepared to read! I kinda wrote a book. Oops!)

Ok it seems like this should be something I can find out pretty easily but I've wasted a day and a half trying to figure this out and have…

Started by Gem Dragon in Commonly asked Questions

7 8 hours ago
Reply by Gem Dragon

Ebola Watch

I thought that maybe it would be a good idea to have a discussion on the disease so we can keep our community updated on the latest news &a…

Started by Barry J King in Group Efforts

59 10 hours ago
Reply by Aurelia Pontia

Theories abound on the Christianization of North myths

Okay, so I've seen people say Loki is a Christian creation. I've seen people say that Freyja & Freyr are Christian creations. I've seen…

Started by Barry J King in Mythology

2 10 hours ago
Reply by Chaotic Blue [Xoc]

Word Association Game....Be Nice....

Okay so I'm board and thought to have a wee bit of fun.... Rules: word must be in English the game is to be fun, therefore try not to be "b…

Started by Gwendolynn in Daily Banter

20856 10 hours ago
Reply by Sandra

Kirk Cameron tells us the REAL origins of Halloween Excerpts: "Fundamentalist…

Started by Zu ~Dayglo Nirvana~ in Articles, & Topical News

33 11 hours ago
Reply by Rose


What do you think??

.... I have been reading lately from one of my friends, and NOAA that our Sardine, Salmon, and many other fish population has dropped to cr…

Started by Oceah Hart in Awareness

66 11 hours ago
Reply by Rose


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