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Share your favorite content suggestions for the PaganSpace Newsletter

Now that we are doing a newsletter twice a month and since I cannot possibly see all the great content I'd love to have your suggestions fo…

Started by Starr Price in PaganSpace Announcements (Admin Only)Latest Reply

PaganSpace Newsletter 4/3/14

This Month's Spirit Board Drawing Winner Paganspace only remains online because of the generosity of our Sponsor…

Started by Starr Price in PaganSpace Announcements (Admin Only)Latest Reply

Forum Discussion Categories

In an effort to better organize the forum, please be mindful of the category you are choosing when creating new topics. See: Forum Categor…

Started by SIN JONES in PaganSpace Announcements (Admin Only)Latest Reply

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Word Association Game....Be Nice....

Okay so I'm board and thought to have a wee bit of fun.... Rules: word must be in English the game is to be fun, therefore try not to be "b…

Started by Gwendolynn in Daily Banter

20731 25 minutes ago
Reply by Adolpha Gavina

How do I bring Wicca more into my life?

How does one bring Wicca into their everyday life when you live in the broom closet?  I think my husband suspects, but has said nothing.  H…

Started by Hidden Moon in Modern Paganism

24 1 hour ago
Reply by Ashe Isadora

Gardens-our outdoor rooms?

Gardens, they add an extra room to many people without the blessing of  lots of land. How do you value your garden-is it an extention of yo…

Started by Magister Samps son in Modern Paganism

27 2 hours ago
Reply by Jayson

Someone's Handing Out Leaflets in Eastern Ukraine Telling Jews to 'Register' Anybody in Ukraine seen this, in fir…

Started by hashhashin puffinstuff in Articles, & Topical News

5 2 hours ago
Reply by Barry J King

The Bible

Could the Holy Bible be considered a book of mythology? The Christians swear there's evidence of everything in it but Christianity seems ho…

Started by Justin in Modern Paganism

318 4 hours ago
Reply by Daphnis the Shepherd

Medicare FRAUD,getting Bagged........

In the news lately,that all the extreme overcharges with medicare. One Doctor charged 450,000 times more? And I'm thinking,ok,who in medica…

Started by Celticlass...FAERIE QUEEN in Modern Paganism

29 5 hours ago
Reply by Daphnis the Shepherd


On another discusion,we were talking about the Scottish and Irish Fey and discovered,almost every country has FAERIES! If anyone would like…

Started by Celticlass...FAERIE QUEEN in Visions & Messages

302 5 hours ago
Reply by Lady Aine

Your Pagan Name in Anagram

What is a "pagan name"?  Simply put, a pagan name is any name with meaning and symbolism that may appeal to a pagan. What is an anagram? …

Started by Nephele, Oracle of the Anagram in Modern Paganism

5559 5 hours ago
Reply by Nephele, Oracle of the Anagram

Left hand path

I have always wondered about this path (left hand path) i hear its all dark and "evil" but for some reason i feel drawn to curious…

Started by Lawrence Bahl in Modern Paganism

35 7 hours ago
Reply by ♥Emily♥

Interesting Read

I'm looking for suggestions on Reading. I'm looking for a book that opens my eyes to a new concept or way of thinking. I'm keeping an open…

Started by Doreene in Modern Paganism

12 11 hours ago
Reply by Magister Samps son


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