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In an effort to better organize the forum, please be mindful of the category you are choosing when creating new topics. See: Forum Categor…

Started by SIN JONES in PaganSpace Announcements (Admin Only)Latest Reply

Basic Site Rules

Most of you are probably already aware of most of this because it's pretty standard stuff :) Basic Rules of the Site No nudity or pornogr…

Started by Starrfire Price in PaganSpace Announcements (Admin Only)Latest Reply

Keeping your activity on PS between the lines of acceptable & Spammers

Below is a partial copied posting from earlier, but I thought the issue should be dealt with in it's own topic so it's seen by all. I think…

Started by Starrfire Price in PaganSpace Announcements (Admin Only)Latest Reply

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What Weird Thing Has Happened To You Lately ?

So , I have been working extremely hard , building my own group on another website , with all my years of experience and information... (…

Started by Shawn Blackwolf in Daily Banter

0 3 hours ago

Mysterious Ring

I have this ring that I inherited from my Father. Its a sliver ring with an odd design. A sliver triangle on a black background. I tried to…

Started by WindChaser in Daily Banter

10 6 hours ago
Reply by Meridian

Emotions and their energies

So I've recently noticed that I have some views on emotions that seem to be pretty different from a lot of other people, and I'm curious wh…

Started by Laura in General Discussions

3 7 hours ago
Reply by bubbles

What's For Dinner ?

Or Breakfast , Lunch ? Just what are you consuming ? Last night for me , it was yellow , red , and green bell peppers , sauteed with broc…

Started by Shawn Blackwolf in Daily Banter

49 10 hours ago
Reply by Vegan

"I Choose Not to Be Offended (And You Should, Too)"

This essay appeared in yesterday's edition of The Boston Globe.  I contacted the author (Jeff Jacoby) this morning, and it is with his kind…

Started by Nephele, Mistress of Names in Modern Paganism

143 14 hours ago
Reply by Mivi

Believing, allegory or literal?

The things that people believe. Those thoughts that form the body of esoteric practice, the construct that personalizes ritual and observan…

Started by Vegan in Modern Paganism

12 15 hours ago
Reply by Spiritual Cosmic Embrace

What song do have on your mind right now?

What song are you listening to or can think of off the top of your head?

Started by Lord Foul in Modern Paganism

3481 22 hours ago
Reply by Vegan

Pagan people and money!

Oh boy, money! (Is the expression "Oh boy!" still acceptable; given it shows bias in a non-binary gender restricted.....ah fudge it - that'…

Started by Vegan in Modern Paganism

17 23 hours ago
Reply by Vegan


I have neglected to introduce myself upon joining but hello! I'm Middle, I've been entraced by the craft for a while now and I'm still find…

Started by Middie in Modern Paganism

6 yesterday
Reply by Middie

Pagan approach to semantics

Semantics, a navigation of the ever twisting river of words; turned out with evolved understanding. Languages depend upon actual meaning to…

Started by Vegan in Modern Paganism

24 yesterday
Reply by David J. Mcessey


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