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Worship of dead entities (gods\ spirits\ etc.)

No, no, it's not about entities who are reborn every cycle, or the deceased relatives (at least, not in particular). I was wondering - it's…

Started by Corbul

20 Aug 5
Reply by Mercia

Kali Puja [worship] in Trinidad

This is an old documentary on Kali puja, which has really taken root there. Much syncretism has occurred as a result of the Indian immigrat…

Started by Xuchilbara

0 Jul 24

Some Celtic Gods

Does anyone know who some Celtic gods and goddesses are? I wanna know who I should be praying to covert night.

Started by Ethne Tempest

5 Jul 24
Reply by Heather

Nemesis as patroness deity?

What might it mean to have Nemesis as your patroness anyway along with Hecate equally resonating, and why do so few announce or have her as…

Started by Servant of Justice

11 Apr 15
Reply by Servant of Justice

Religio Romana

To those who practice this faith, which Gods or Goddesses do you honor often? I personally honor Pan, Minerva, Janus, Luna, Vesta and Juno.

Started by Jeffery Larson

4 Feb 28
Reply by Jeffery Larson

Dreamt of a Goddess

When a deity appears in a dream, is it a sign of patronage, are they merely passing through, or does it mean something else? I had a dream…

Started by Valley Willow

5 Jan 11
Reply by Medb St. Jerome

Loki's brothers - Can someone help me out here?

So I'm trying to continue my research of the Germanic gods, to get the best understanding of them that I can, but it isn't always easy beca…

Started by blackfire is hungry

7 Jan 1
Reply by Wolfwalker


I recently opened myself up to all the signs I have been ignoring drawing me towards the pagan path. I entered a deep meditative state and…

Started by Laura

0 Nov 4, 2016

Can a modern human attain Godhood?

Hello! This is something that has been lingering inside my head for quite some time, can a human being living in the current modern world…

Started by Lucius

12 Oct 30, 2016
Reply by Baltazaar

I need help re-finding a piece of goddess art.

Hi everyone! I have a piece of art I saw online years ago stuck in my head, and I can't remember enough Google-able specifics to find it. M…

Started by Cev'aq

6 Oct 19, 2016
Reply by Callisto


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