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Ringing in my ears.the Piper's flute.

Some nights I hear a ringing noise in my earsand no it's not tinitus . I get this every other month. When I hear the ringing I try to sleep…

Started by Baltazaar

3 Dec 6, 2018
Reply by Elisabeth Cartwright

Dream Analysis

I really enjoy symbolism and the different possible meanings just about anything can have when seen from "a different angle". I use this kn…

Started by Autumn Raven

1 May 3, 2018
Reply by Verdandi

voodoo dream

 I had a vivid dream where i was staying at a motel and found  two human skulls on my doorstep. A nice Cuerandero(?) did a ritual to help m…

Started by Mary Sullins

9 Nov 20, 2017
Reply by Eoin Whiteside

Looking to make a potion/tea to help stop poor sleep & vivid dreams

Hey all! Thank you for reading this, and I apologize if this isn't the right forum. I wasn't sure which one to use. I'm looking for ideas/i…

Started by Daewen

11 Feb 25, 2017
Reply by Katey

Dream shopping at an Apothecary

[This is a dream that I had a few nights ago. To be honest, it’s not all that unusual for me. I often find myself dream shopping for semi-o…

Started by Medb St. Jerome

3 Jan 19, 2017
Reply by Elisabeth Cartwright

Need your input - weird Halloween encounter - WHAT WAS THIS?

I've waited a long time to tell this story... Greetings, Fellow Pagans... I joined this site so I could share all the weird stuff that has…

Started by Elizabeth Burson

8 Oct 7, 2016
Reply by Elizabeth Burson

Astral Projection

Hello everyone, So, astral projection used to be a daily practice for me. Recently I have been having a lot of trouble creating this out of…

Started by Katie Marie Sevin

3 Aug 25, 2016
Reply by Baltazaar

Dream Interpretation Help

Hey all!  So, I am an openly practicing witch, and very much enjoy interpreting dreams. While it is a known rule that no one should interpr…

Started by Katie Marie Sevin

12 Aug 13, 2016
Reply by Euthmiah Blackmists

Reoccurring Dream about Wild Cats

The past 2 nights I have had a similar dream. The first night was about a young male lion coming into my house and devouring all of our pet…

Started by Shavana Lindensong

31 Apr 19, 2016
Reply by Shavana Lindensong

How to get back my consiousness while dreamwalking?

I've been able to dreamwalk a few times when I felt like I really had to. Since a couple of months a have a very strong bond with someone w…

Started by Ivy

2 Jan 14, 2016
Reply by Ivy


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