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Genius Loci - Your friendly neighborhood spirits

I was doing a bit of research on the animistic beliefs of the aboriginals of my area. I found this little article and it is quite fascinati…

Started by ShugahBob

3 Nov 28, 2015
Reply by Wilhelm Douai

Tilly Bend Settlement

I never post anything about "ghost" or ghost stories but I found this interesting since I was born up in this area. The Haunting of Tilly B…

Started by Barry J King

11 Nov 16, 2015
Reply by Barry J King

Lost stories of the Norse gods?

There are a couple I can think of.  Freyr fighting the giant with an antler, which we know of from only a mention; and a woman, possibly Id…

Started by blackfire is hungry

4 Sep 29, 2015
Reply by Myst Moonlight

Ways to Honor the Sun God?

Mabon has occured and I would like to read some rituals or celebrations involving sun worship.

Started by An

3 Sep 24, 2015
Reply by Nephele, Mistress of Names

St. Valentine vs St. Trifon Zarezan - celebration of love vs celebration of wine

Same day, but different saints (and gods) You might think (don't ever mention this idea to Bulgarians!) that Trifon Zarezan is the local c…

Started by Aurelia Pontia

2 Sep 14, 2015
Reply by George the raven

11,000-year-old wooden idol, Big Shigir, found in Siberian peat bog.

I know this is an old find, but I'd never heard of this before.

Started by blackfire is hungry

2 Aug 31, 2015
Reply by Aurelia Pontia

The goddess Ninlil

I did another post on Enlil's wife, Ninlil. I think many people will like his topic. I'll be adding more on Mesopotamian gods later. I don'…

Started by Lady Lilith

0 Mar 26, 2015

Sumer-Babylonian Enlil

Did an article on everyone's favorite wind god Enlil. Enlil (Ellil) [Long Post] Enlil, Akkadian Ellil, is one of the most important Mesop…

Started by Lady Lilith

0 Mar 26, 2015

High Feast of Ostara

  I AM not a wiccan, but am interested is learning about common practices during the High Feast of Ostara which is Friday I believe.

Started by Harick Herbscoven

6 Mar 20, 2015
Reply by Angji

Your Dreams, your Premonitions, your Intuition are no less valid...

Your Dreams, your Premonitions, your Intuition are no less valid than any organized religion or cult or path.

Started by Harry Woods

8 Jan 4, 2015
Reply by Gods of the Oasis


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