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the word pagan ,does not in any way resemble its original usage at the time when christianity  came in to being ,the word pagan was used to…

Started by john shirley

5 Jul 22, 2014
Reply by SIN JONES

Salem~the series...

OK, so I am very curious if any of you are following the new series Salem? I would love to hear thoughts, perspectives, feelings, etc... I…

Started by ShearGoddess13, Hecate~Reign

64 Jul 13, 2014
Reply by Andrea

Matriarchy - debunked

If anyone remembers the theory of Matriarchy which says that when women rule over people men and women are equal and there is no war. It ma…

Started by Lady Lilith

48 Apr 23, 2014
Reply by Lady Lilith

Really awesome documentary on Queen Boudica

Anyone interested in Celtic history should definitely watch this documentary, one of the best I've ever seen. It's all about how Queen Boud…

Started by Saxon Moon Shaman

17 Apr 23, 2014
Reply by Aurelia Pontia

In search of the Aztecs - BBC documentary

Found this amazing gem: They go into a little bit about Modern Mexico and the enslavement of the Aztecs. But I really liked it because i…

Started by Lady Lilith

5 Jan 14, 2014
Reply by Lady Lilith

religous pagan text

I have a question concerning religious texts in the past. I know much information has not been written until recent times because of the te…

Started by redhairjoe

28 Dec 4, 2013
Reply by Sophie Jones

Romans, their gods and the plantes

The Planets share the names of the Roman Pantheon (Jupiter, Saturn, Mars etc). I was wondering how this works with Roman religion today? D…

Started by redhairjoe

6 Dec 1, 2013
Reply by Aurelia Pontia

Looking for answers..

Can someone help me, I'm looking for references on tyr, no I don't mean the band. The eddas only mention, Wikipedia is great for theories,…

Started by Meat Shield (kN)

2 Jul 16, 2013
Reply by Meat Shield (kN)

Persian mythology, pre-Zoroastrian

As part of research for a novel, I'm looking into ancient Persian mythology and religion, especially pre-Zoroastrian, though Zoroastrianism…

Started by Amanda Haynes

12 May 18, 2013
Reply by SIN JONES

The Welsh Side Of Things

I have an interest in Celtic Paganism. I've read up on many deities, from the different Celtic pantheons, I really feel drawn to the Welsh…

Started by Ceadda Þunoring

22 Mar 31, 2013
Reply by SIN JONES


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