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Personal Ritual And Raising Blue Fire

In my tradition , which is a Faery Tradition , we use an eleven dimensional tree , in an arrangement of seven central realms , surrounded…

Started by Shawn Blackwolf

41 Sep 14
Reply by RavenHeart~

Welcome your newest ordained mudang (korean shaman-priest)!

My 신내림굿 was a success. The initial flight there was nerve wracking since I’ve never flown by myself and had never been away from home longe…

Started by Mivi

12 Sep 9
Reply by Mivi

[Wiccan] Ethical Spell/Chant/etc to help my brother who was violently attacked?

BACKSTORY: My brother (small guy, like 5'2", very slender, wouldn't hurt a fly and definitely not a fighter) was brutally attacked over th…

Started by Melissa Valentin

29 Aug 31
Reply by Stavros

So I made this for a friend...

A wiccan friend very new to her path, was over the other day and commented on some of my jars and components etc. When she left she gave me…

Started by Stavros

4 Aug 19
Reply by Nephele, Mistress of Names

Spirit Attachment

I apologize for posting this but I don't know where to ask for help. I'm looking for a bit of help. I have a spirit attached to me. I have…

Started by Karen G

36 Jul 23
Reply by Xuchilbara

The ethics of weather magic.

Recently I attended a meeting of witches that was held to discuss weather magic. Several days before the meeting I began to think carefully…

Started by Juno Sospita

6 Apr 23
Reply by Ruchi

Need help worshipping

First off, let me just say that I have no idea if this is the right topic or even site to ask such a...odd...question, but I require assist…

Started by Conny H

6 Mar 17
Reply by Draconis Wierinsan Kinthasil

Favorite Moon Spell To Do

What is your favorite moon spell to do?

Started by Amber Lynn

4 Mar 13
Reply by Amber Lynn

Dedicating item to different god?

I have several pendants that I wear to represent different gods in my pantheon. I have one that I was wearing to represent God A, but I fou…

Started by blackfire is hungry

4 Feb 26
Reply by Aurelia Pontia

Invocation, Evocation

I recall reading somewhere that one invokes while standing in a triangle and one evokes while standing in a circle. Can someone please tell…

Started by Minstrel_Davyn the Fluffy Bunny

16 Jan 19
Reply by Elisabeth Cartwright


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