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The ethics of weather magic.

Recently I attended a meeting of witches that was held to discuss weather magic. Several days before the meeting I began to think carefully…

Started by Sophia Lucifer

8 13 hours ago
Reply by Ruchi

Personal Ritual And Raising Blue Fire

In my tradition , which is a Faery Tradition , we use an eleven dimensional tree , in an arrangement of seven central realms , surrounded…

Started by Shawn Blackwolf

37 Mar 29
Reply by Shawn Blackwolf

Need help worshipping

First off, let me just say that I have no idea if this is the right topic or even site to ask such a...odd...question, but I require assist…

Started by Conny H

6 Mar 17
Reply by Draconis Wierinsan Kinthasil

Favorite Moon Spell To Do

What is your favorite moon spell to do?

Started by Amber Lynn

4 Mar 13
Reply by Amber Lynn

Dedicating item to different god?

I have several pendants that I wear to represent different gods in my pantheon. I have one that I was wearing to represent God A, but I fou…

Started by blackfire is hungry

4 Feb 26
Reply by Aurelia Pontia

Invocation, Evocation

I recall reading somewhere that one invokes while standing in a triangle and one evokes while standing in a circle. Can someone please tell…

Started by Minstrel_Davyn the Fluffy Bunny

16 Jan 19
Reply by Elisabeth Cartwright

Remove Love

I am looking for someone who can remove love for someone from my heart. She will never love me again and I will never stop loving her. So f…

Started by Taz

24 Dec 13, 2016
Reply by Regina Loti

Interpretive magic - do we bend what we see?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder; I've found that to hold true. Some times for the better, often for the worse. People appear to make t…

Started by Vegan

2 Dec 3, 2016
Reply by Aurelia Pontia

Manipulative Magick Spells

I know I know. Probably not the best course of action but "with great risks come great rewards". I was hoping all of you could help me out.…

Started by Daniel

37 Oct 20, 2016
Reply by Baltazaar

Didn't I just tell you to leave??? Help!

To cut to the chase, I want to know if someone can point me in the right direction to a binding spell that will push someone out of my life…

Started by Lilith Dragonfly

17 Oct 13, 2016
Reply by Elizabeth Burson


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