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New Moon Power and Friday the 13th

it's an hour and a half till Friday the 13th, I just had an argument with Haley, She calles both me and My Mother liars in the same sentenc…

Started by Adam Anderson

8 on Saturday
Reply by Aurelia Pontia

Great Horned owl I saw

Earlier this evening I was on my cell phone talking to a friend I met back in 2012 on paganspace, I went oyt back because Haley and Alex ha…

Started by Adam Anderson

2 on Friday
Reply by Enigma

House and porch blessing

Today Haley took Alex to an appointment, after they left I cast a circle and smudged the entire house with white sage I literally put my Go…

Started by Adam Anderson

1 on Thursday
Reply by Light

I need some inspiration for ways to Magickally aid myself without it causing harm

I am currently living in.My Mothers House in Lake Butler,Florida due to her Death on 12 October last year at 12:35 in the morning. An old…

Started by Adam Anderson

5 on Thursday
Reply by Adam Anderson

Magickal garden to atract Faerie folk

My mothers yard is very boring grass that does not evenly cover all the soil and its two different kinds all haphazardly populated. I want…

Started by Adam Anderson

11 on Wednesday
Reply by Light

Can souls be split in half?as read about my friend Halry and her

Anyone who has read my recent status and discussion posts has read about my friend Haley and her son Alex. Strangely enough when he is here…

Started by Adam Anderson

10 on Wednesday
Reply by Light

2 castings I tried yesterday morning

The last discussion I posted on here, I asked for ideas to help get rid of the constant yellling and negativity in a friend of mine. Yeste…

Started by Adam Anderson

3 Jul 7
Reply by Who?

Necklace Blessing (In The Name of Lilith) HELP!

Heya! So it's been a while, because life was pretty fast paced for a bit. But I am back... With yet another question! Does anyone have a r…

Started by Jessilynn Jane Liddell

7 Mar 25
Reply by Aurelia Pontia

Weight Loss Spells

I am new to Wicca and am interested in my first spell being a goal I want to obtain. I was wondering if anyone knew one I could try and the…

Started by Brandi

11 Mar 19
Reply by Xuchilbara

Demon Lures

It has come to my attention that in order to summon a demon, you need something to entice it to be summoned by you. But what exactly is nee…

Started by Hippolyte Saint-Ioleksa

24 Feb 21
Reply by Jessilynn Jane Liddell


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