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Respect your Elders! A Lost Art!

Listen to what older people have to say.  They lived an existence you will never know.   When I was growing up, I always enjoyed conversati…

Started by phoenixtigerheart

250 Mar 13, 2012
Reply by Starrfire Price

Looking For Help

Still looking for help. Im trying to find out who has been casting on me.. if anyone knows how to find out, please send me a message... I a…

Started by Sergio

25 Mar 9, 2012
Reply by Mary Reinhardt


Woman wins lottery and is still getting welfare and foodstamps

Can you believe this, my food stamps got cut cause I will make to much on Disability Yet this woman wins lottery for a million dollars in M…

Started by Lady Aurora- Hekate)Ø(

38 Mar 9, 2012
Reply by Freyja's Man

Children of the gods

I know we have divine marriages as is discussed in this thread.  But I am also wondering about "children" of the gods.  I do not in any way…

Started by Caitlin

17 Mar 9, 2012
Reply by ValkAri

What is a fake pagan?

Is it a playgun?  Plagan?  Whatever. I think in order to know whether or not one is a fake pagan we should at least define it.  Any takers…

Started by Caitlin

432 Feb 6, 2012
Reply by Starrfire Price

Need help understanding...

I am extreamly new to this and I was just wondering if Wiccans do not reconize the devil or satan, how then would one explain possesion? I…

Started by Jennifer Valdez

88 Jan 29, 2012
Reply by StarLily

Why Can't Atheist's Own The Label Of *Pagan* !!

I'm atheist and I'm pagan..I don't care what others call me..In my mind I'm pagan..I don't have the need for a label it just makes it easie…

Started by Toadster

385 Jan 15, 2011
Reply by Kelly Ohl

Finnish Paganism

I was reading some of the pages of Taivaannaula, an organsation which is trying to revive the indigenous beliefs of Finland, and found this…

Started by Pavlor

43 Sep 10, 2010
Reply by danny buyck


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