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The Pets Thread!

Meet one of my sweet little angels/fin babies. I have a 37 gallon freshwater tropical hybrid palludarium with 2 angels (Grendel and Goober…

Started by Cryptid Countess

11 Jul 9
Reply by Mary Jo Fowlie

Familiars - what are they?

Familiars. Such a renowned word for a variety of reasons. But, in actuality, what does it mean? Does there need to be a universal translat…

Started by ↞∴Lyra Lee∴↠

16 Aug 6, 2017
Reply by Shawn Blackwolf

Nahualli (soul animal)

I thought I made a topic on this subject years ago. I guess I did not. Merely talked about it a bit in the Tezcatlipoca thread and some oth…

Started by Lilitu Wind

7 Jul 25, 2017
Reply by Shawn Blackwolf

5 newly minted familiars looking for homes/ shelters in the Easton Pa area 18042  The title pretty much says it all.  Our city does not buget money to cats, so they can't real…

Started by D. Edwards

3 May 5, 2016
Reply by D. Edwards

My Familiar, Tell Me Yours

They say familiars choose you and not the other way around. It never occurred to me my little black cat (hence the latter part of my displa…

Started by Luna Blackcat

24 May 4, 2016
Reply by Aurelia Pontia

What to do with wasted animal parts?

Biiiig trigger warning here, that I'll be talking about dead animals and how to utilize parts of them in practice. Please no vegan vs blood…

Started by Griffin

22 Nov 27, 2015
Reply by Griffin

Do you think animals know if we've eaten one of their kind?

I was just thinking today about this.  I'm a vegetarian and I get along well with animals.  However, I used to eat meat when I was a kid.  …

Started by blackfire is hungry

21 Aug 13, 2015
Reply by blackfire is hungry

Kitten - any advice?

As some of you know, I lost one of my beloved cats unexpectedly about 6 months ago.  I miss her greatly.  So much so, I am seeking another…

Started by Aurelia Pontia

20 Jul 31, 2015
Reply by Karen Black

phanter is a mystic creature?

In the Mayan culture, panters are very Mystic creature, and they used to be related to defends to the worriers in times of war.

Started by Panteramujer

3 Jun 15, 2015
Reply by SIN JONES

Do you stick to animal spirits only associated with your pantheon of gods, or does it matter?

I used to be eclectic, working with different pantheons and belief systems.  However, I've been working exclusively with the Norse gods for…

Started by blackfire is hungry

5 Mar 31, 2015
Reply by ΨClydeΨ


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