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Searching for an Explanation

I have always had a strange fascination with Ancient Egypt, particularly the 18th dynasty - but it's more than that. I seem to have an emot…

Started by SesenRa

7 Dec 20, 2014
Reply by Aurelia Pontia

What am I missing on this symbol ?

The symbol that I am working on is a circle with 4 elements. Triangle means earth, sun, moon. The goddesses is the Cresent moon Selene. Pan…

Started by ChildoftheMoon

4 Dec 20, 2014
Reply by Aurelia Pontia

What is this?

The attached photo is something that an acquaintance of mine came across on Tumblr a year or two ago, knowing that I'd be interested becaus…

Started by Saulf

4 Dec 20, 2014
Reply by Rose


Toads, OK does Any one know Any lore about toads. I use to but have forgotten what it is. Situation I have a toad that comes and sits with…

Started by Silver Stream

15 Dec 19, 2014
Reply by llunaticraven

Origin of symbol

Someone sent me this. I tried Google image search and nada. It appears to be some sort of sacred geometry. My friend said it appeared on…

Started by Lilitu Wind

15 Dec 19, 2014
Reply by Astarii Silverwing

With Samhain Upon Us

One question that I've recently been pondering and have spend only a short time researching is..."Is there a symbolism or meaning to when y…

Started by Autumn C. Moon

0 Oct 1, 2014

Logo for my band "Dragon's Head"

Here is the logo for my band "Dragon's Head". Thanks to local artist Brian Foy for making this for us!

Started by Daniel Michael

14 Jul 13, 2014
Reply by Daniel Michael

correspondences to magickal tools

 i am looking for answers for instance the wand has Artemis,Morgan, Tyr ,ETC for its God/Goddesses im looking for a website    Thank You

Started by Victoria-Nicole Ciandella

9 Jul 13, 2014
Reply by Victoria-Nicole Ciandella

1300 year old mummy with archangel tattoo

Interesting! You would have thought, being that much closer to the age of the gospels, that the prohibition of tattoos would have been obse…

Started by Aurelia Pontia

10 Jun 3, 2014
Reply by SIN JONES

Nordic Runes - The First & Rudimentary Pictographic Language

Have heard some controversy in this area. Runes aren't an alphabet. Raido means movement or ship, hence it's a ships mast and sail like on…

Started by Robert Roy

15 Mar 31, 2014
Reply by Einarr MagicalMyth


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