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I recently joined a message board via ProBoards. It is supposed to be a teaching site, and I thought "heck, I could learn something."

Indeed I did. I learned that "Dr. Candi Howard" aka "Lady Mystic Moon" is a controlling, ego maniacal plagiarist. She asked me if I could help her out on the boards, and I said "sure". Then she INSISTED that I have either MSN Messenger or Yahoo Messenger, neither of which our computer supports for various reasons. So she detracted her request. She told me she "likes to have constant contact with her staff". "Staff"???? I certainly wasn't being paid, and I didn't ASK for a position, SHE asked ME.

Now, onto the plagiarism part of this. Upon actually READING all the posts on the boards, I found they ALL are ripped off from other sites (including and I mentioned this in the Administration board which has rules about RESPECTING people on the boards. I think that adding copyright information is a form of RESPECTING that person for writing the article and putting it out there for free for your perusal. Anyhow, I was banned. My IP was banned entirely, so I can't even go back and get all the information from the articles to contact the original writers.

Here are links to Pandora's Box Mystical Academy and Dr. Candi Howard:
MySpace Group
Pandora's Mystical Academy MySpace Profile
Freewebs Website for Pandora's Box Mystical Academy
The Message Boards with the Plagiarized Lessons

I will be contacting, and Mike Nichols about the plagiarized copies of their articles. It's a start, anyways, since I can't get back on the boards to see what else they have stolen from other Pagan writers.

And PLEASE know I am not doing this out of spite, I am doing this out of respect for the people who actually wrote these articles. Plagiarism in the Pagan Community has GOT TO STOP!


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She wasn't putting any links or information of where the writings came from. She was putting it out there like she wrote it. I have NO issues if a link or author's information is added (because I often share information that way, or I utilize chants and just add the copyright information in my ritual, etc). The stuff was DEFINITELY being treated like she wanted people to think it was hers (otherwise, why would she ban me for mentioning copyright?).
I've encountered quite a few sites that do that. There was one "school" that I tried out, and the very first ritual was pulled word for word from Witchcrafting without credit, and when I emailed the teacher, she never responded. I remember being so irritated.

Its been long enough that I've forgotten which site it was, but the exercise was the Goddess ritual, for starting to learn about Her.
It seems to be rampant, and it's something I want to bring awareness to in the Pagan Community! :)
It really does seem to be something of a plague doesn't it?
If you come up with a means to combat it, count me in - I think that the entire community benefits far more from people writing their own original stuff than it ever could from just regurgitating what others have already said - not to even mention the very real harm that can come from stealing others hard work.
Another method is to save it in a program that keeps track of the date and time that it was begun, etc. and put it on a disc or cd or whathaveyou.
Yep, copyright is automatically applied on ANYTHING you create, based on International Copyright Laws. It's a matter of proof. Anything typed on the computer has the date of when you saved it, just make sure to have a screen shot printed out in case of dispute.
Thank you so much!
The "c" doesn't matter anymore. The latest copyright updates on the law, (about 6 months ago), emphatically state that one does NOT have to state it is copyrighted.

Mailing it to yourself still works, but send it certified.
Back to the original issue....LOL......

Now, apparently I am RUDE. Yes, rude. Because I mentioned copyright violation. Here are some posts made about me.


Merry Meet Friends,
I asked this person to leave my site because they were causing a commotion. They were putting information in my shout box which should have come directly to my staff. If there is a problem on my forum I will deal with it straight away.

I have never been to, I don't even know I know about the Witches Community and my sisters school and that is all. And who is Mike Nichols?

Can any of my staff help me? I am so lost.

And yes, I do ask my staff to be on messenger so we can get to know each other. I'm sorry, I have trust issues, I'm not just going to give someone privileges on a forum I and my good fried Gypsy worked so hard on so they can tear it down? Nope, sorry folks, I worked too hard on this. If you would like a position here get to know me first. I love people but not enough to let them ruin everything my friends and I have worked hard for.

BB Candi

Pandora's Box Mystic Academy


Aelwyn says: She doesn't know who Mike Nichols is? Is she freaking serious????? Anyhow, I wasn't "asked to leave", I was banned. And all I did was say "This is written by...." in a few threads, and then posted my issue with the lack of copyright notification in the Admin area, where I thought it would go "directly to staff". So, yeah. And a commotion? What, did someone ask Candi if she truly wrote what she claims to have?


The Truth about Pandora's Box Mystic Academy
Body: Merry Meet all,
I support Candi and Pandora's Box Mystic Academy 100%, I am Admin on there also ...I saw this going on with my own eyes.
Aelwyn is telling many lies here to slander this awesome site!
Aelwyn was RUDE...that's why she was asked to leave!
I believe that when she saw she was not going to get away with this ego thing, she set out to bash Candi.
Bashing people is never cool,so Aelwyn then comes to myspace and start bashing Candi.
I need to ask her ...what kind of person are you Aelwyn that you would do this kind of thing to a fellow Sister?
BB Gypsy
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Pandora's Box Mystic Academy


Aelwyn says: Candi is NOT my "Sister". She is not a person who upholds the moral standards of what I would want a "Witch Sister" to uphold---and that is HONESTY AND INTEGRITY. I did not do anything "to" Candi. I merely pointed out a law she is breaking, and how to rectify it. If that so terrifies her, and threatens her, I have to wonder what kind of person she is.


I find it interesting that "rude" is considered to be "This article is by.....". I was NOT rude until the day after I was banned (I was shocked that I would be banned for pointing out copyright violations).

I can honestly say I have an excellent reputation in the Pagan community as being an upstanding and helpful member on message boards, forums, et al. Never once have I been rude or posted a nonconstructive comment without just cause--and being banned for pointing out copyright information is just cause.

Simply posting questions about why I was banned, and how there is massive copyright infringement going on a chat board is not rude. It is upholding the law and the rights of the people who took the time to write these articles and offer them for free use on the internet for all. To make out that it is Candi's (or anyone else's) is HARMING the person. If you all are Pagans who follow the threefold law, and the Harm None rule, you should respect these people and post their copyright information with the articles you "borrow" for your lesson
You're better off without them, sweety. You did the right thing.
I think their behavior demonstrates just what kind of folk they are - especially since they're willing to feign innocence. blah.
Thank you for your kind comment. I would rather not be part of their "Academy" if this is how they behave and run it. :)


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