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Webinars! Face to Face On-Line Classes for Pagans, Wiccans, and Witches Alike?

Good evening everyone!

I have run a crossed something that I think is very interesting and possibly a little hokey all at the same time. I know it feels weird to me because it is a new idea, so I thought I would post something to see how the rest of our community feels.

The subject is Webinars... But more specifically on-line, face to face classes using the internet as a vehicle to teach Wiccan “101” classes, techniques in ritual practice, Magick/Spell work, Tool creation/care, and much more.

I did some research and found out that there are many pros to this new method of teaching. However, I could not find many cons. Perhaps you can help me create a better debate?

Here are some of the pros I found:
- No travel time, which means gas is not wasted, there is no worry about getting lost, or spending any un-necessary money on a hotel, etc. In theory, we are helping to save the panet from deadly Green House gases…
- You experience the Webinar right in you own home. In some cases you can be naked and no one will ever know!
- There is usually no serious commitment. Many places offer classes on an as needed basis. If you don’t like the class or the instructor you don’t have to explain to anyone your reasons. You simply don’t have to purchase another Webinar from that company or person.
- Less paper is used since all the class materials are usually electronic. Yeah! Saving trees!
- Many teachers offering Wicca/Pagan Webinars, don’t require you to become a member of their specific path or coven. They are offering their knowledge as a way to support their path, and offer info the others in a non-threatening manor. Some have made this their business and others use the educational workshops as a way to raise money for worthy causes.
- You don’t have to worry about meeting people you really didn’t want to meet. I agree socialization is necessary, BUT sometimes it is so intimidating to people and it prevents them from seeking out the information the desperately need.

The Cons I found are as follows:
- One cannot fully enjoy the content of the Webinar when he/she has a bad internet connection.
- Some people have chaotic households and cannot find a time to spend on the PC uninterrupted. By leaving the house and going to another place, this problem is resolved.
- Webinars are somewhat impersonal. Sure, you can interact with the instructor before, during, and after the session but some people just simply prefer the physical presence of another.

What are your thoughts?

If you wanted to learn about a subject would you try one of these Webinars?

I have talked to others who simply love Webinars! I think I would try it, especially if I could do it form my own home! It seems like a very simple way to continue our path of learning and growing.


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Sure! I have some that I will have to dig up.

What are your thought on this kind of thing?

Bright Internet Blessings!
I think I might actually ENJOY it. On some sites I've gotten into some rather insightful discussions that have pushed my thinking farther than I'd have expected and having immediate interaction would certainly help. I can't imagine off hand how this would work, but it sounds like a PROMISING concept! Here in the boonies, I'd never HOPE to have a closer contact to other like-minded folks and this might be something I'd be interested in. (of course, I'd have to get a web-cam, new hairstyle, buy some make-up, etc! LMAO!) Could I just make that a "receive only" web cam? LOL!
this sounds interesting,please send me some information about this,it may be something I have been looking for all this time,all along.
I just hope its not expensive for Im on a tight budget,thanks for the heads up on that.

Brightest of Blessings

HI everyone!

From what I know Webinars work like this
1. You got to the website featuring information you want to learn about (Reiki, ritual, astral travel, meditation, etc) and you sign up for your Webinar through their site.
2. You pay your fee via PayPal or some other secure option
3. After your payment is received, you will be e-mailed instructions, a login & password, and probably a link to were you can access the class. OR you might receive a time and date to log into a program like Skype using your own username and password. Either way you are sent an e-mail with a confirmation of your payment and instructions on what to do and what to expect.
4. Sometimes you are sent the class materials just before the class if they are necessary.
5. When it is time for the class/workshop you log in and you can see and hear the instructor. In some Webinars you are also able to ask questions and interact while the class is going. These are set up like chat rooms. In others, you are just given a sort of presentation that tells you about the subject of interest and there is no direct interaction with the instructor.

This is my understanding of it and I know I am very interested. I have attended on-line meetings and group discussions in this manor but not full classes or workshops. I seems that the cost is lower and it would be very convenient.

I am a teacher for various arts like Meditation, Using Labyrinths, Creating sacred space, Magickal Crafting, etc. I know how expensive and unfriendly to the environment it is to send out paper flyers/letters, print class materials, drive all over town gathering supplies, drive to the location, etc. My whole focus is on continuing to go “Green” and I want to reflect it in everything I do, as often as possible. Not to mention it seems accessible by all interested parties no matter where, even if you are in the “Boonies”.

In the mean time I think I am going to take as many Webniars as I can so I know more about them!

Here are some sites I have that offer Webinars:

Thank you for your thoughts!

Bright Blessings!


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