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John and I are writing our second book and we are looking at names you would NOT suggest as names for a baby.
Popular stereotypes
Examples: Carrion (rotting flesh) Damien (not great if you are neither Satanist nor Catholic; Christian (if you are not), Titanic (sort of cursed) etc
Bad outcomes in myths/stories:
Osiris, Rhiannon, Electra, Oedipus, Isis, Osiris, Hell, Loki, Romeo, Juliet, Brutus,
Judas etc
In other words, people/deities who struggled and whose names are forever associated with tragedy.

What names would you not want to see used and why?
Would you tempt fate? Has your name (if one of these types) affected you and how?
Thanks so much

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I have a friend who's name is April Sunshine. Her birthday is in april..hehe. She has red hair too. Her name fits her..she is kinda bouncy and talkative. She's also pretty nice. I have heard of some weird names myself. One I always loved was Nabrasion, but the guy it came from spelled it Nabrassion. He said "don't torture your kid like that" lol. My ex hubby named our son Joshua Daniel...pretty traditional. :)
I had a professor whose first and middle was "Melinda Sunshine"

Yes. She was the child of hippy's.

She went between loving and hating her name.
In response to someone about the name Lucrecia.. My great go back a few more grandmother's name was Lucrecia Mott ( she happens to be a very big part of history in the US) Now a name I would hate to have is one of my dear friends his full name ( not kidding ) is Jimmy Master Bates ( poor guy) lol
I think some parents just have it out for the children from the start. Really, with a name like that!
I once new a guy named Michael Laird. Named for angels and the lord of the manor. Of course, he had a personality to fit it, too.
I named my child Regina jeanene Stewart.Regina means Queen and she is my little HAVE to look at the meaning,she is named after two of our godmothers one who is gone now.her name was Lola her name means Queen of tears.but she was a lovely look at the meaning.My dad wanted to name me Brooke or crystal.Thank the goddess my mom said no.I got Cathleen Jean Stewart.we all have stewart in it some how.My dad went to school with a girl named Cherry (iche a cherry)not sure of spelling.think if your kid is going to kick ur a** when they are old them something good.My husband Is Daniel A.his Dad is Daniel Wayne his sister married a guy named wait for it. Daniel and they have a cuz named Danny.also they have three or four David's in his family,so be orignal or if you like a name do it as a middle name.I love the name daniel but can never use it cuz the poor kid will be sooo messed My brother is Eric Docane (not sure of spell)OH heres a good one my sister is Heather Margrett Stewart and she married a gyuy who's last name is Stuart.So She is Heather Margrett Stewart Stuart.most people think it so people need to think long and hard about naming their babys.
It drives me up the wall when people give their kids stupid names like Celestia, Coral, or Apple (I think that was already mentioned). Just give your poor kid a normal freaking name and get on with life. Yeesh.
Although I do have friend who named her (now high school aged) daughter Phoenix.

She turned out to be a beautiful person.............and everyone is jealous of what they feel to be her very cool name.

So, unique choices are not always negative or silly. Just choose carefully!
Phoenix is a bird, that name has some grace and beauty to it.

An apple is crunchy and green.
Coral and Celestia are names that sound like they came from a hallucination.:|
just don't call the boy "sue" or name your child "late for supper" "evil grins!!!!!!
Clay if your last name is Moore... Claymore... get it?

I had a Biology Professor named that...

Oh let's not forget the NASCAR driver Dick Trickle ... Poor Kid, I hate to think of his childhood.

And I know this is not a first name but a surname. There's a family that lives around here that have a surname of Basterd, or is it with an a instead of e? Well any way it's pronounced Baa-star-duh You know like baa like a lamb rather than ba like in Basilisk or Bast. I'm terrible at breaking it down but I said it like the word meaning 'fatherless son'. I really don't want a last name like that if I"m a boy...

Or the other one Gaspbery... I know, a surname again but I thought it was 'gas berry' like Gasbury, not GASP. the P doesn't really sound though... Hee hee.
Back in High School there was a teacher whose last name was Dude.

But he made sure that everyone knew it was not pronounced like "dude" in "dude ranch". He clarified it was pronounced Doo dee as in doodie or doodey..............i.e doo doo.

If I were him I'd simply have gone by Dude as in Surfer Dude. But no. LOL

Yes, naming a child s a delicate situation!


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