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John and I are writing our second book and we are looking at names you would NOT suggest as names for a baby.
Popular stereotypes
Examples: Carrion (rotting flesh) Damien (not great if you are neither Satanist nor Catholic; Christian (if you are not), Titanic (sort of cursed) etc
Bad outcomes in myths/stories:
Osiris, Rhiannon, Electra, Oedipus, Isis, Osiris, Hell, Loki, Romeo, Juliet, Brutus,
Judas etc
In other words, people/deities who struggled and whose names are forever associated with tragedy.

What names would you not want to see used and why?
Would you tempt fate? Has your name (if one of these types) affected you and how?
Thanks so much

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Well, I named my son Loki, he's three so it's a bit soon to say how it affects him, but I don't consider Loki to be a negative character instead I see him as the force of change, he has definitely changed our lives for the better. As far as the myths go he has an unfortunate ending bound to a rock, but he is ever attended by his faithful wife so I guess it's not too bad. While I do believe that names affect character (I've never met a mike I didn't like) I also believe Our own free will is stronger.

On the other hand, I agree that many children are given hideously terrible names, what were they thinking?
Norse Mythology has some pretty strange names but I don't think a name really makes a person.
Don't (as I did) name your kids "Nikki and Lee" and expect them to appreciate being named after members of Motley Crue. :)
LOL! Are they like: who is motley crue?:)!!
Poor kid. That's tragic.
Anything that will land you in the nurse's office to pick up your kid after the other kids beat the crap out of him for having a stupid name. o_o
I heard tell of a teen mother who named her twin daughters si-FILL-us and gon-OR-ee-ah. Yep, that's right, syphyllus and gonnorhea.... She said she saw it on a poster at Planned Parenthood and thought it sounded pretty....

I was almost a Bambi. Bambi Jo.... Daddy talked mama out of it 3 days before I was born, thankfully. Of course, now I'm Christina (follower or one of Christ). Funny how that worked out. Though I go strictly by Tina, personally and professionally.

I had a friend who named her first born Quinn-David Grasshopper Michael Stephen Joseph Harr-Cain. I feel bad for him when it comes to filling out forms.

My babies are Jeffrey Scott, Michelle Hannah, Kevin James, Christopher Joseph, and should I have another girl, she will be Ezri Violet.
I named my 6 year old Sydney..Not after Australia, only because I love that name.

My other children are Ayla Marie, Zackary James, Jacob Christopher and Abigayle Leigh..If I ever had another girl I would name her Zeta..Wierd, I know..:D..

Lady A~~
Tristan, Isolde, Morganna, Circe.
My parents were supposed to chose one of two names for me. My grandfather on my mothers side wanted my name to be Melvaline Marie Leighton. My grandmother on my fathers side wanted me to be named Lynnette Louise Leighton. So my mother put the two together and got Lynnette Marie. Which is ok I guess. But I am serious thinking about changing my name to Piper Solaire Leighton.

But there are several names I wouldnt use, like Notradamus, Aradius, Maxamillion, and Rita. Yes I have known people named these. I knew a lady who had four daughters she named them summer, autumn, lily and ice. She said she wanted to cover all the seasons.

I once knew a girl, her first name was April and her surname was Snow.
I saw a comedy special, the comedian performing was John(?) Kader. I think his first name was john, anyway. His last name was Kader, this I know because he was making jokes about naming his kids.

Wanted to name one Al, maybe (Al Kader...sound it out heheh)
or perhaps Darth

It was a funny show


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