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I was just curious how many people here were Vampires? What was the first sign of your Awakening? What is it like being a Vampire?

There are so many different Paths here on PS, but I haven't seen many Vampires.

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Interesting. Some do have a way of drawing others to them. My Ex-Fiance was a vampire. He was not Pagan by any means, but drew so much energy away from others that it absolutely left him exhausted.

This is one way I suppose that makes them Vampires. They don't drink Blood, but rather 'drink' energy from other people. This is why we broke up - we just wore each other out.

Do you know anyone that you suspect is a vampire?

Yes, it was for the best. No arguments or broken hearts. It just wasn't the best for us to stay together.;)
Anyone else?
I am a real Vampire! by heritage and birth, or by witch ever you can possably imagine. Vakasha
Well to be honnest most of all Vampires all secret about there activety's so you might not get alot of them to answer your questions? Vakasha Kretzulesca
I know how to suck the life out of someone, but its just not good manners to do so without permission, drawing the life force from the world around you is much more empowering...
i think i mite be turning psychic vampire, dont know if that helps. i dont know how to control it either, if you know how pm me.
I've met a few who claimed, none really could drain me though.

Viva La Rage!
LOL Savage Leo! Funny, but there are a few people in the community and at least a dozen or so online things i've read that claim to have rituals for vampirism etc etc.. In all actuality the closest thing i have seen are people who "feed" off of the emotional energy of others. Whether it be happiness, sadness, pain or pleasure. Most don't even realize they do it. But as far as blood sucking vampires go, I'd have a hard time buying the idea of blood drinking corpses walking around feeding on people and not being arrested. And actually if you look up the origin of the word it actually means something along theses lines... "whampyr, a thing of death that feeds off of the FLESH of the living" Not an exact quote but whampyr sounds more like a movie zombie eh?

This is Thriiiiiilllleeeerrrrrrrrrrrrr.... Whoooooo!
Oh! I wouldn't necessarily call Vampirism a path. It's generally recognized as a curse. BUT... if it's out there it could also be something I just don't know about. I'm willing to admit that much.
oh please! now ive heard everything, err vakasha kretinous the turd or whatever your name is. No you are not a vampire, but i recommend you get to your local friendly nuthouse and admit yourself.


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