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I was just curious how many people here were Vampires? What was the first sign of your Awakening? What is it like being a Vampire?

There are so many different Paths here on PS, but I haven't seen many Vampires.

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Example of a non-human Vampiric creature.

And another.

Both species have unique digestive systems to accommodate blood consumption. Unlike Human Beings.

It's still new to a lot of people.
Don't we all give and take energy on this planet as well as other deminsions? If you mean vampires who victimize others I don't think anyone would ever admit to that.


It seems like you misunderstand my meaning. I'm not feeling like I'm a victim. Humans act like vimpires victimize them. I've said something openly before and was basically it turned into a hunt. Almost everywhere Vampires are protested as evil or bad.


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