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I was just wondering if this means anything resonantly i have been noticing 3 dots in a triangle appearing quite often in my normal life. Like for example They formed on my hand about in my palm and then i was grinding some metal and they burned into my pants 3 holes in a perfect triangle Is this some kind of sign that i should be aware of or something.

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Both of my freckle triangles are perfect equilateral triangles.
I have the three freckle triangle on my left forearm. A friend once shared a story with me about him and his brother seeing a UFO. He recalled that it approached from a distance and then the memory ended. In the morning he and his brother both had three red marks in the shape of a triangle on their left forearms. When he told me this I said "Like this?" and showed him the freckles on my forearm. His eyes widened with surprise and he just said ", just like that!" That is why I decided to research it on the net. It seems to be a common experience related to UFO/alien abduction stories.
Ok Jamason, I have come across some information today that I thought you might find interesting in regards to this post.

In the religion, Jainism, there is an important combination of symbols that is inscribed owasticn the open palm. I am not sure which hand or if it matters. However, the ahimsa is much like a many spoked wheel from what I am able to discern with the ancient Indian (yes Indian, no not Native American) swastika symbol that represents the wheel of samsara (reincarnation). Three dots are placed above this (however not in a triangle), each dot symbolizes, insight, knowledge and conduct. Above this is a crescent with another dot inside it representing the liberated soul in the highest region of the universe.

perhaps this will give you some info or will help you in the right direction.
Cool thanks for the info. Tell me what you think of this. According to some people i know here it symbolizes the pentagram and i am to see the triangle 3 more times. Which means when it see it all five times. I am fully developed and what ever powers i have will be full. Thats what we believe it means here anyway. Any comments to this
Hmmm, well I personally believe that it is up to the individual to decipher what the message means, so it would really be up to you...what do you think? The rest of us could say whatever we want, but ultimately only you alone can truly understand as the message is meant for you. I personally see nothing wrong with that idea.
It's obviously something of concern for you, so do some research. Sometimes we are given signs like that, and sometimes they don't mean anything. This one may have a meaning though. It's worth scoping out at least. This way you will have some kind of closure, and not worry about it anymore. Who knows, maybe it's something good.:)
Imba´, the same has happend 2 me, kinda spooky if u ask me, like 3 months ago tops, suddenly 3 dots appered on my forearm, Also shapped in a triangle. The fun thing is they all appeared from not being their 2 suddenly being their.

Sry for my english, it is abit terrible, but it will get better in time :D

ohh 2 cents: ever thought of God-Jesus-Holy Ghost? Trinity !! Well it is said in sign writing, it means Trinity.
well, i will be back i think, we will c :O

Maybe Sierpinskis Triangle??

It always Blows my mind!....

More Beautiful Images for your

if you want to go deeper...

some nice interactive models are here...

a little about how it works in churches..etc.

isn't that a gang sign?
It's a symbol of the OTO.
Three dots in in triangle constellation is, here in Europe, a classic prison tattoo (for the three monkeys).

Amy: Do your Triangles look like this?

Um... if you put three dots randomly on a surface they will either form a line or a triangle...
Since chances are statisticly high that it won't be a line if it's truely random, I don't see the significance.

At all.

But if you have taken to noticing them, it's probably a message you alone can interpret.


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