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The Country Goddess Store owner nearly set on fire in Southern Illinois

Attacker Attempts to Set Woman on Fire

JACKSON COUNTY-- Investigators are searching for the suspect in a bizarre attack. Police say the woman walked into a business and tried to set the store's owner on fire.

The Country Goddess is an uni-faith/multicultural store in downtown Carbondale...

"We actually have at least 6 different faiths represented in the store. We have belly dancing and organic soaps and aroma therapy and jewelry and candles. So it's a feel good store."

But for owner, Crystal Basler Payne, just two weeks ago the mood was much different.

"She came in just like any other customer and asked about bath salts."

After the woman made her decision, Payne rang up the customer.

"And then I just turned around and I told her how much it was, like $4.98 or something like that, and then she just threw the kerosene on me. Across the counter."

Payne says that's when the woman began to strike a lighter, trying to set her on fire. Payne says she ran for life, but tripped and fell just feet from the door.

"She actually said for me to be still so she could light me on fire. Like I was gonna do that. Cause I was in a fight for my life."

Payne says, during the ordeal, the woman never explained why she was being targeted.

"She had no emotion, no emotional change, whatsoever. At no point did she scream, she was extremely calm, I mean, it was as if she was making a cup of soup."

Kicking and screaming, Payne says, she managed to get away from her attacker, get to her feet, and escape. But, so did her assailant.

While Payne admits she was shaken by the attack, she says, she has no intention of closing her store.

"Absolutely not. As a matter of fact, we're gonna expand. This is a place of love and peace and cultural diversity, and I want it to reflect the community and the university, and there is nothing gonna stop me from doing that."

Since the attack, Payne has added a surveillance system and made other security upgrades. Carbondale police say they are investigating the crime. If you have any information, you're urged to call Carbondale Crime-Stoppers.

By: Rachel Gartner

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People are nuts, these days!!!! I hope they catch this crazy woman before she does anything else!!!
I swear people are seriously losing their minds these days this is freaking ridiculous I hope they find the person before she decides to strike again
I wouldn't be so quick to be all sorry for this woman, or call it a hate crime on pagans. this woman, crystal, is a cruel, big -mouthed, people user, and it wouldn't surprised me if the person who attacked her was acting on revenge from some wrong done her.

On the other hand, if it was a hate crime, it pisses me off, but doesn't surprise me. It's southern illinois, not that that justifies it. all the same, i dont feel sorry for crystal. i would if she was a good person.
I wouldn't be so quick to be all sorry for this woman, or call it a hate crime on pagans. this woman, crystal, is a cruel, big -mouthed, people user, and it wouldn't surprised me if the person who attacked her was acting on revenge from some wrong done her.

It sounds like you know this woman personally. Why do you feel the way you do about her?

Anyways, I don't really see anything in the story that's clear proof of a "hate crime". It sounds like the attacker was a pyromaniac or psychopath of some sort, especially considering how calm she was about the whole thing.
Whether she knew crystal or not, she's still a fucking psycho. Theres something extremely wrong with you if "bad mouthing" warrants setting someone on fire.
In fact, it seems that you just so happened to join this site yesterday, and the only post you've made is on this one. How ironic...
Notice where the person is from..... The exact town where the crime took place.
actually, I'm not from Carbondale, and yes, i joined the other day. Who are you to judge? maybe I've got a lot of hurt feelings, and like much of the rest of america today, I'm venting my feelings online. I notice you have a lot to say about someone you don't know.

Also, please don't twist my words or put them out of context. Bad mothing doesn't mean you can put someone on fire, I only said that to demonstrate that some people think that way. I don't. I'm not a psycho, but you are quick to judge.
o, and pardon me for playing the devil's advocate. I just thought people might like to think from the other side of things...
Well, When I moved to the town to go to college last year, I went to her store, since my small town was nowhere near a pagan store. She moved her premises in november 2008, and I volunteered for a week or two, helping to pack, unpack, and paint. She promised me a free tarot reading and a star chart, and hinted at a possible job, but later, I confronted her on her complaining about someone else who was helping, who apparently didn't meet her free labor standards. She got real mad and told me to get on the street, calling me immature, based off a scream someone else made that she thought I made. I covered up for the girl who did, who later threw a computer battery at my head, but that's another story.

The reason for my feelings for this woman is that she insulted me, and threw me out based on my 'immaturity". Which we all are at some point, but supposedly her store is 'open minded' and open to all kinds of people. This is not true. Plenty of local pagans don't like her because of her closed mind. I don't like her for her closed heart.
Last I heard, they haven't caught them. It seems completely random.
I just noticed this was posted 2 years ago! Did anything come of this, did they catch this person??


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