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I just started learning about different types of herbs, and I was wondering is any of you have information on some good books or sites that give definition to each herb and what it is used for.

All help is very much appreciated ..

Thank you

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Stormy, I can't se your links hon.
The links didnt show up sweety...can you please pst them again :)
Thank you Lily I will have to order a copy.
Are they showing now?
Yes now they are showing, thank you! Great info
Your welcome :)
Are you going to use them for Medicine, Shadow Cat?
There are a few purposes.
I would like to include the in my personal rituals -
For healing, yes.
To grow in my own small garden
Meditational uses
I just ordered about 50 different kinds of Herbs from a Wonderful Witch who grows them from her own personal garden. A lot of them I havent heard of, so I wanted further info about them, and what I can use them for, since I know some can be toxic when mixed together or inhaled by accident
Kudos to you for taking the cautionary measures before you engage in Herbalism, I too, want to learn Herbalism.

Medicine, Aroma Therapy, and Incense.
Its really interesting to me....
I heard if used correctly can be really relaxing, and I am all about being stress free.
I will keep ya updated on how the progress goes


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