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I just started learning about different types of herbs, and I was wondering is any of you have information on some good books or sites that give definition to each herb and what it is used for.

All help is very much appreciated ..

Thank you

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Well thank you very much....... Thats GREAT! I will have to join...any information helps, I am still awaiting my Herbs in the mail, I hope they get here soon
ok you want titles right?
anything by the authors Michael and Lesley Tierra, and anything by Rosemary Gladstone.
Encyclopedia of Medicinal Plants, Andrew Chevallier
The Consumers Guide to Herbal Medicine, Steven B Karch, MD
The Illustrated Book of Herbs, Their Medicinal and Culinary Uses, Gallery Books (this is an older one, may not be able to find it)
Indian Herbology of North America, Alma R Hutchens
Natures Medicines, Richard Lucas
A Concise Guide in color to Herbs, this one has a list of contributors.
These last two are the ones I take with me on every camping or hiking trip. I have many, many more in my collection but this should get you going.


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