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If you could change one thing in your life right now, what would it be?

I personally would like to change in by having closer friends I can bond with. It seems impossible in my area to be able to connect with people. Dont get me wrong, I have a ton of acquaintences, but hardly any true friends. As sad as it sounds, I dream of the day where I can actually say Im going to call up so and so, and say hey would you like to celebrate Samhain with me...

I may sound pathetic, but in my life this just bothers me.

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I just wish there was an active Pagan Community near me. The closets is about an hour and 15 minutes away
Oh boy do I hear you on that one Billy. I wish sometimes I could just not care so much, and let others take care of themselves, but I just cant help it, I always have to be the helping, nuturing type. I can never see someone in need, without helping or giving advice. And in the end on some days it can be a mental torture.
I think its part of being a pagan, we do care, stuff does matter and no, that's not what I would change about me, like you I just sometimes wish I didn't.
Most years I make it down to London for the Samhain Witch fest, which is really great until you step outside for a cigarette and see all the 'normal' people who have come to catch site of the 'pagan weirdo's'
But my neck of the woods, no, I have loads of people who I can have coffee with, but connect with? Nope, I have this site, so glad to have found it.
If I was going to change one thing, could I make myself a foot taller so I don't need to go on a diet?
Im a short stuff myself only 5'1...... I gave up on dieting, it just makes me eat more in the
Fahaha theres nothing wrong with being short
Thank you for your service! My husband is retired USAF Maj.
ex navy here.

you can't fix stupid ppl
I would have stayed in school and gotten my degree. Instead I am scraping by looking for a cruddy job just to make ends meet.
On the light side tho, you can still get that degree if you want to. I kick myself in the ass to for the same thing.
I totally agree with you there ZooQueen...
i can totally relate to that....

also id like to have more energy, i have been tired almost constantly for the past few months
I have the big Book of Stones sitting infront of me Aqua, let me look some up for you.


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