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If you could change one thing in your life right now, what would it be?

I personally would like to change in by having closer friends I can bond with. It seems impossible in my area to be able to connect with people. Dont get me wrong, I have a ton of acquaintences, but hardly any true friends. As sad as it sounds, I dream of the day where I can actually say Im going to call up so and so, and say hey would you like to celebrate Samhain with me...

I may sound pathetic, but in my life this just bothers me.

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One thing everything :) Were do I start! I guess were we live .....
I would also like to change the fact that I don't have alot of close friends.
Sea-ana I can change that right now by sending a request for you to be my close friend! Now, you won't be able to say that again! LOL Okay? Good! - Mary
That was very nice!!
That doesn't sound pathetic at all........I don't have anyone here where I am to celebrate with either, and where generally that is ok, when it comes to this, it would be really nice to have some others to share the day with.

But that said, considering where I have been and what I came through, there isn't anything really that I'd change.
I can identify with you Aras! Most of my friends are aquaintances too! Your not pathetic at all! Your not alone in having that issue! Here in the 'Cuse, it's hard to find any Wiccans where I live among the Xians! Holy Rollers! The one thing I'd like to change? I'd like to have my mother right here with me right now. She's been gone for 8 and a half years now and I think of her and miss her terribly! That's why I say to people, if you still have your mother and you have a good relationship with her, always cherish and love her! So she nags you? So what! You'll miss her nagging you when she's gone! I know I miss my mother nagging me! I'd give my right arm to have her nag me again! BB, Mary :-)
If i could change one thing in my life it would be to be without the horrid depression and anxiety that seems to take over my life every now and then.

It feels a lot like a dark cloud covering the sun and blocking out all of the light :(

I wish i could just feel more confident and have more faith in myself. i really believe this would change my life for the better...

Look in the mirror and say I am A Goddess!! Or a God!! I am convinced depression results from not thinking highly enough of ourselves,which I have no problem with!! YOU are a powerful person!! Believe it,remember it,and live it!! REALLY,my friend! Celticlass
I would have full custody of my youngest son.....
If I could change on thing in my life it would be having more friends. Even though I have a small group of friends I wish I had more that would come and visit my house once in awhile.


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