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We pagans are stereotyped as ones who love to get drunk, stoned on drugs and have orgies. In fact we are a very bright, intelligent people. Not all pagans drink or use other mind altering substances. Some who have are trying to quit or want to. There are several pagan recovery programs available, I offer Pagan Sanctum Recovery which I did not create but a very talented, bright writer who lives in Tulsa Oklahoma did seven years ago.

I began a recovery group just recently here in Southern Oregon and expect it to take off well. Attached to this message is a poster I created for the group(s) out here and a copy of The Green Book, our recovery book. What are your thoughts on a recovery program for Pagans.

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Excellent idea. I think a lot of pagans have a problem with traditional AA type recovery groups because even though they are told that the higher power involved need not be the christian god, AA groups tend to have a very chirstian flavor. This topic has caused huge controversy in the past because of differing opinions on 12 step recovery programs. Some, (me included) do not like them, some swear by them. LOL

So what is the philosophy of your group?

Peace Lily
LOL Certainly differing oppinions Peace Lily! =)

I'm going to read the Green Book. I am open to other forms of recovery though I tend to have a soft spot for NA when the 12 Traditions are strictly followed. I have seen it help too many people to find any problem with it.
From what I was able to read in skimming it for a while, It's remarkably well written.

This is some great stuff and will certainly help many people that I know in other programs!

I'm thinking of writing my story up for submission.

I know a local printer who may be able to help with putting this into print once a final version is decided on. May I print this out to give to a few like-minded individuals in the meantime? My two sponsees would greatly benefit from this.
"Excellent idea. I think a lot of pagans have a problem with traditional AA type recovery groups because even though they are told that the higher power involved need not be the christian god, AA groups tend to have a very chirstian flavor"

I was just about to say something exactly like this. I fully agree with you. I had a prior experience with loved one's AA journey.
I went with my daughter to a few "court ordered" meetings. It did nothing for her and I thought it was pointless. She continued drinking until she decided she had had enough. Actually, the story is long and dramatic. Will just say, the father of my beautiful grand daughter Kyla is serving a prison term for killing his best friend in a drunk driving accident. Yeah, I don't think a lot of alcohol, and all those court ordered AA meeting did was help them find new drinking buddies. Not fond of those programs at all!

All fabulous things! I too, am wanting to do something similar. However I don't have the know how. Do you have any suggestions? I think that there are so many minds that are beginning to open and we have to continue to help them do so.
I think this is a wonderful idea, and is a great resource for the Pagan community. Its great to hear about people who take the time to give back to the community, and take a little bit of weight off of someone else's shoulders.:)

Thank you for thinking of others.:)
Hahaha SIN, I'll go along with the orgies but.... I find they are more fun if you are NOT drunk or stoned... LOLOL

Wait! We're having orgies??? Oh man! I must have missed it, I wasn't even drunk!!! Man, I'm not doing very well here! LOL

OK, Enough. I do think that recovery is very important in the Pagan community. I know a few people who would probably benifit from some support in recover. The problem with AA recovery as I see it, is that AA becomes your inner circle, (as is good at that stage of ones recovery) & it puts a heavy connection on a higher power, often equated with "god".
My Mother has been in recovery for maybe 20 years now? Maybe 22. And when she & I talk about recovery, we always come back to how people need families, we need communities, we need to belong to a tribe, we are pack animals after all.

So I think anything to help someone become the person they want to be, go for it!

So what time is the next orgy?

BB Rhianynn
Thanks a lot SIN.
I was going to say something intelligent here... but you made my brain fall out.
That's fine if you love to do this. I am not dogging people for getting drunk and stoned and won't judge you. I am just offering something to those who don't want to is all. I used to get drunk and stoned alot too but now focus on having a clear mind and doing alot of other things that drinking would hinder. If you love to get drunk and stoned and it makes you happy more power to you. ;)
Actually, all kidding aside, I have come to a point of seeing the destructiveness of alcohol and drugs of any sort. I am not a fan of either and prefer to know that whatever I am seeing, feeling, experiencing, intuiting, finding in a vision or whatever, is true and not the result of mind altering substances.

I was a methamphetamine addict for years and quit cold turkey by myself, I quit smoking the same way. It's doable, but tough. I applaud a pagan friendly program to help those who are struggling.

Peace Lily


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