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We pagans are stereotyped as ones who love to get drunk, stoned on drugs and have orgies. In fact we are a very bright, intelligent people. Not all pagans drink or use other mind altering substances. Some who have are trying to quit or want to. There are several pagan recovery programs available, I offer Pagan Sanctum Recovery which I did not create but a very talented, bright writer who lives in Tulsa Oklahoma did seven years ago.

I began a recovery group just recently here in Southern Oregon and expect it to take off well. Attached to this message is a poster I created for the group(s) out here and a copy of The Green Book, our recovery book. What are your thoughts on a recovery program for Pagans.

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(((jumps up and down))) runs off to join Sin. ;)
I come from the school of thought; all things in balance.

However, I think thats awesOMe what you have done Mind Fire.
Keep up the great work.
I can't read the green book cuz it freezes my computer (damn it!) LOL

I will be getting a box of Green Books and could send you a copy if you wish. I have a huge copy I made on the printer at work, when the boss was away cause he didn't want that pagan stuff printed on his copier. I'm not sure how much it would cost to send you that copy if you wanted it.
If there is a way that I could pay through the website (I haven't had time to check it out yet) or maybe through paypal. Let me know. I wouldn't think of not covering the cost. I'm down with the "Our price, your terms" thing but this early in the game and from across the country.....
I would love to see it! As I said before, the emphasis on the christian god is something most pagans don't wish to deal with so this may be a great alternative. Please let me know when you get them and the cost.

Peace Lily
I think this is a great idea. As a recovering addict and a pagan I applaud all of you who are open and supportive to other pagans who find themselves dealing with addictions. I hate the stereotype that we are all druggies, as if someone from another religion never finds themselves dealing with this issue.
well done mind fire,

you put a lot of effort have my support!

whats all this I hear about Orgies???

Heiros Gamos ...perhaps??

who is Sophia tonight???
I think its a good idea.

Just as a side note I don't drink or smoke.
It depends....
I dont usually smoke....

I am reaching a stage where I cant drink or anything anymore!..

thats when I went vegan as well....I cant eat or handle meat.....

But I have to darn work with it...i am a chef.......

I get these ..experiences......

with alcohol...I am developing a allergic reaction

probably spending too much time in the lab!..

do not worry its normal...although weird!...LOL its normal..

In fact I dont miss it anyway..
there was a time when I used to Love a drink....
not in a frequent way..but moderation..

I used to wonder what Would I feel like if I wasnt ....getting a little tipsy a couple of times a week...

maybe I Thought I Would get incredibly bored!..
but quite the opposite!

more time for important stuff.......not sitting in a bar trying to make conversation with people who dont know me.....small talk...
I find it very difficult to make small talk...

Probably I am really boring anyway!!!...LOL!
hooray Felicity. That is one of the MAJOR problems I have with AA-NA-the whole 12 step thing. No one should be in *recovery* for 20, 30, 40 years. The emphasis on "once and addict-always an addict" keeps people addicted. I believe we can be free from addiction, not just constantly in a state of recovery.Recovery means that eventually, your are *well* and whole and no longer sick....



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