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I think this is the right section, if not let me know.

I have had this stalker for a couple months. It is the size of your average dog, with the body that can look like a darker dog/coyote/wolf, sometimes tan and sometimes a darker color. It always has the head of a raptor that starts at the dog's shoulders and looks to be like a hawk or falcon, but I have never gotten a very good look at the head. It sits up in the trees in mid-height branches, just high enough to have some cover but low enough for me to notice. I can't get it to communicate with me and I can't seem to get a good look at it.

I know less than nothing about spirit animals or whatever this is. Does this thing sound familiar to anyone?

Thanks, Hugs and BB

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Well I see other things as well, spirits, fey, etc. So this isn't that abnormal, only in the fact that I can't seen to place it. It's not a darker one, this I do know. Thanks for replying ;-)
It does sound like a griffon. My first thought was that it was a guardian dragon. I have 4 of them. Mine range in size from a housecat to a medium dog. They all look different too. If it is a dragon, it will communicate with you in time. It's just checking you out right now. Try placing some crystals where it can see them. Play some music and dance around. Dragons are attracted to that. Let it know that you are a friend.


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