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What is Honor?
Is it something you can hold yourself and others accountable to in today's world?
Is it worth it to try and live an honorable life when the world around you is sometimes ruled by Chaos?

I do my best to hold to a system of honor that while not perfect is often a challenge to hold onto. when it is so easy to revert to the way one used to be, Honor and living honorably is harder every day.

But, I continue to try, I do my very best to live by a code of honor, and behave in a way that reinforces that to others.

Unfortunately it comes across sometimes as I am self-righteous and arrogant.

Is it either of those things to set yourself to a higher standard than you set others or should you just set expect everyone to behave at that standard?

Just a thought.

Gaelyn Thorne

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I hear you Gaelyn. I have a high set of standards I try to live by and I expect others should bbne able to do so as well. If everyone would hold themselves accountable for their own actions I beleive the world would be a much better place.
Honor is that which makes up your being, sets you apart from others and gives you a connection to others with the same principles and standards. There is nothing to be ashamed of for having a code of honor and if other people think you are being arrogant and self righteous, then pity for them as they apparently dont live by the same fibers as you.
Should you lower your standards for others? Not if it makes you feel less yourself. Only if you are actually exhibiting a "better than thou" in your attitude or livelihood making others the worse for your actions should you need to reconsider. There is a line between honor and snobbery. Only you can tell if you have crossed this line. Most likely, not.
Take pride in who you are and how you live. Perhaps others will come around and use you as an example of how it is done!!
Bright Blessings
I have a code of honor, but I don't assume that others will uphold it. I can only have power over myself, and though I am sometimes disappointed, shocked and dismayed by the things that others will do, it would be foolish to expect for them to live as I expect myself to live, especially when I don't go around explaining my internal code to others.
Greeting Gaelyn Thorne

I have strong views on the codes by which you should set yourself.
And I have a set path of Honor, I have followed for a long time without which
I would show no discipline or respect to my path and craft, or myslef and Goddess.

Every act you do changes you, every word you speak affects you: the working relationship between who you Are and what you Do is "honor". It is a crucial part of your expression of how your magic, your ‘power from within’ works for you. What that expression is guided by for me is Honor, but in the end its form will be up to you.
To live in an honorable way, this is my way, how I live , my code~*~*~*~
~* Live never to be ashamed of anything you do or say
~* Don’t deceive yourself, or the Otherworld, walking around with this personal honor burgeoning has wider repercussions
~*You may have a magical persona that you put on to go into your temple, but like your robes it is just a costume. Walking with honor, we address the body beneath the clothing, what is the difference between who you are inside your circles and outside of it? Where does the magic end? I walk with my Honor always my code.

I have a few others on my page you might like to read and a valiant poem
~*Poetry , Spirit, Truth*~
Flowing spirit always
Code of honour...hhhhmmmm....I thought of this and wondered where honour first came into my thought process. I remembered a time when I moved from being in catholic school into public school. I had just started my freshman year at high school and was forced to make a decision. Was I going to have my grade school catholic friends determine my choice of who I could befriend?! I was talking to a girl that you would consider unpopular and needing advice. One of my popular friends approached me and told me to stop talking to her and basically said if I didn't I couldn't be in thier "crowd"! MIND you these were friends I had for years. I didn't go along with THIER meanness and NEVER regretted that CHOICE! TO me honour IS integrity and it mustn't be compromised. I think it sets up a basis for character that I would have to live with...KINDNESS MATTERS!!
You have asked very tricky questions, questions I wrestle with every day... I set myself a very high standard, and I really do my best not to force everyone around me to hold up to it. Most don't even know what it is, so how can I expect it? Still, I do expect some basic things from those around me and it's always a hurt and disappointment when someone shows themself to be completely without honor.

Some have said I come across as arrogant, and worse... I've been called a lot of things and part of it is because "His Word speaks only Truth." So when asked "Does this make my butt look big?" and the answer is "Yes," well.... what else can I say?
Lol, I feel exactly the same way sometimes. I tell my friends
Trying to be the Paladin in a group of rogues is not easy lol.
Yup... though in my group, we have another paladin, I was called the Black Knight... always wore dark colors, while she wore light... the team that kept the group in check.
It doesnt matter if you think people are thinking you are self riteous or arrogant stick to your guns and be true.
My honor is my life is what i hear from a great person once in a while. Dont expect everyone to be the right person or right way. lead by example! its a great lead
It's also a hard lead.
But since when has the right thing been the easy thing?? :)
10%, I could go with that, And I am by no means perfect, I used to be a person who didnt keep my word often enough but I made a decision to try and keep it and while life does sometimes get itn the way I do try my best.
Unreasonable for others to ask that of us, but not so much that we should ask it of ourselves. Honor is a hard road, but it's worth it, even when you screw up... because then people know you didn't screw up on purpose, and that you will always make amends.


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