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What is Honor?
Is it something you can hold yourself and others accountable to in today's world?
Is it worth it to try and live an honorable life when the world around you is sometimes ruled by Chaos?

I do my best to hold to a system of honor that while not perfect is often a challenge to hold onto. when it is so easy to revert to the way one used to be, Honor and living honorably is harder every day.

But, I continue to try, I do my very best to live by a code of honor, and behave in a way that reinforces that to others.

Unfortunately it comes across sometimes as I am self-righteous and arrogant.

Is it either of those things to set yourself to a higher standard than you set others or should you just set expect everyone to behave at that standard?

Just a thought.

Gaelyn Thorne

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Sometimes you feel defeated and down, but as long as you can forgive others they can forgive you. and friends should forgive you almost anything,
Noone is perfect. And sometimes even a little bit of evil is necessary for the greater good. but it is in the effort that true honor come from. I believe that we should hold ourselves to a standard that shows others. but in the end my honor is gauged not by others but about how I feel about how I am. There will alwyas be those who will dig up everythign wrong you have ever done and hold it against you. those people only hurt themselves. I dont care who hates me. And the truth is not many people do. except for theperson from which the hate comes..ok ill stop babbling now. lol


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