Spirits? Fey/Faeries? Planar creatures? Others problems, ailments, illnesses, or thoughts? The past or future? What do you see or feel, and how do you sense it? What was your first time, and have you had a teacher?

I'm a necropath (I picked the term up a couple years ago), which basically means I see those who have passed from their physical bodies. I've been seeing spirits since I was born, and in a way I was basically raised by them, so my gift is a very big part of my life. I'm just curious as to how many more are out there. As I've gotten older, my spectrum of what I can see has grown, and expanded into the planar realms and slowly gotten more confusing, if that's even possible. So what about you guys? What have your experiences been like?

Thanks, Hugs, and Blessed be

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Clariaudient and Clarivoyant, I have absolutely NO control over it thus far on my path, its not new to me been happening since my first memories but literally Ill be in the shower and turn around and see a dead ole grandma chatting it up with me about a locket a girlfriend in New York needed to find desperately... im like uh excuse me I B NAKED IN HEREZ!! LOL Same with the voices, randomly ill hear please call so so and so tell them this..so I do, I see it this way worse case scenario people think Im nuts or a liar either way who needs those people anyway :)


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