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I'm not intending to open a firestorm here, and I realize that MOST civilizations have some concept of something like Armageddon or the end of the world...but WHY? Is it because we, in each physical incarnation must come to an end that we naturally assume that the world will someday also end?
In 999 everyone thought it was the END of days so they didn't even plant any crops...IMAGINE their dismay when there was HUNGER the next year!
We let these fears effect our behaviour and our thinking. Consider all those cults whose members made their "exits" prematurely to be spared witnessing the END.
Let's face it, Christianity has used the FEAR of such a thing to keep the masses on their knees just PRAYING that it doesn't happen in their short lifespan, that they and their offspring be saved witnessing such a horror.
I guess when I stepped onto my Path and shook of the fearsome restraints of Christianity I shook that whole business off as well. I'll admit that we may be facing a great CHANGE, and there may very well be hardships and trials, but the END? I mean THE END? Nope! LOL! I'm not buying it! It's presumptuous of us to assume that we can see such things...and in my mind, its FEAR that keeps it in our subconsciousness.
There is still too much wonder, too much joy and happiness in the world to let FEAR of the end swallow us all. We have much strength and much power. Our Goddess and God have reawakened us for a purpose...maybe its just to be HOPEFUL!
(Gadz! That sounded sappy! LOL!)
It's VERY easy to see all the negativity and bad things in the world and those things sap our strength and rob us of hope...better to be hopeful and enjoy what we have, and plan for when things will be better because if we don't at least HOPE for it...we WON'T see it!
I'm NOT Mary Poppins, I'm aware of how things are...but we are strong enough and brave enough to see past what traditional religion has shoved down our throats for generations.
There IS much to celebrate and MUCH in which to be hopeful and for which to be thankful!
Anyone else out there see this too?

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I love this joke!!!!hahahaaa make a deal with the deval and it never ends well!hahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhaaaaaaaa!
Well, this topic certainly strayed far afield! LOL!
The point was..that some of us still see THE END approaching like the explosion Sarah saw on "the Terminator". We can only theorize on "the beginning" yet everyone sees that apocalypse... and politicians and religions STILL use it as a tool to keep people in FEAR. (if you don't believe in the Christ as he's been portrayed, why fear the Anti-Christ?) We STILL see places of punishment in the next world. (Hell?) As if there's an OUTSIDE judge that will weigh our souls against the weight of a feather. And even some "witches" I know speak in hushed tones when such subjects come up as if, "yes, its going to happen as the Christians see it, but WE'VE got the inside track so we'll survive!"
IF you take the apocalypse OUT of the equation and out of your thoughts, you FREE yourself of a burden which you need not carry anyway.
Nevermind, let's all go build our bunkers and hang our Dick Chaney dartboards on the wall.LOL! Some things may just be TOO deeply ingrained in our psyches.
Bet on it . The armegeddon scenario, is everywhere! 2012 mainia is crwating a negative energy that will grow worse if you let it Shut off all disaster and 2012 programming such as the Colony, and other survival related shows Find positive books and Other programs. turn off the news channels dump the newspapers and other none such sources of 2012 Crap! That will cause something that may even reduce our troubles with those who hate us. I believe This saying to be true. " What you think about you bring about "
here,here...let us celebrate life and not look so much at the bad.I know life has manny ups and downs so being strong is what gets us through.
I realy like what you said here!!! No the world is not going to 'end' come 2012, or any other year within our life-times. The world will end eventually, yes, but it won't be some organized religion's 'Armageddon', it'll be a naturally occurring catastrophe, such as the sun going supernova in another few billion years, or an asteroid the size of, or bigger than the moon, crashing into us a few hundred, or a few thousand years from now. The world will end eventually, yes, but what good does it do to dwell on it, or fabricate fanciful stories of armed angels and hell-spawn, other than for entertainment's sake? It's yet another scare tactic, fed to the populace by religious institutions whose only source of power is the control they assert over their respective followings. Organized religion WANTS you to be fearful, after all, fear is the mind-killer, and when you kill your mind, they can waltz right in and fill all that nice empty space with self-debilitating dogma that leaves you spiritually and emotionally dependent upon them. They'll be there for you in your time of 'need', and in return, you give them your soul for safe-keeping, pay tithing, and support your organized religion when they lobby for the suppression of civil rights, and the integration of Church and State....
Don't be a fearful sheep-person, living in fear of heaven's wrath. Instead, live your life. Enjoy it, explore it, love it. It's your own, to do with as YOU Will. So do with it as you Will.
Wow, this turned into kind of a ranty comment....sorry 'bout that....
Blessed Be
PS, yes, I agree with d'Arqstar's post.
LOL! I had to chuckle...there were NUMEROUS tv shows on last night regarding 2012. MOST "factoids" that were presented were along the lines of "The Sun will move between the Earth and the other planets causing an alignment that will affect sunspots POSSIBLY resulting in a solar explosion of planetary destructive magnetude!"
Now...I'm no scientist, mind WHEN did the Sun start moving??? Hello? Alignments happen all the time too! (kind of seems logical when you consider that whole ROTATIONAL matter! Sheesh!) Oh yeah! And there was mention that the Mayans had discovered the belly button of the Milky Way! WHO KNEW? (belly button, Gracie?)
If the rule of Paradox holds true...the only day we can be sure the world WON'T end is on 12/21/2012! LOL!
"it's the end of the world as we know's the end of the world as we know's the end of the world as we know it...I feel fine" Sorry! That just popped into my head. LOL!


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