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I know some of us have a Book of Shadows, but others do not, and perhaps they would like to start one. I have this awesome little program that is wonderful. I have uploaded the file here, because it is an exe file, when you click on it, a box will come up and you must tell it to save to your computer. Once it is downloaded you will be able to set it up, password protect it so that no one but you will have access. A note of caution: If you have Vista OS, it will NOT work. All others are ok, just not on Vista.

I will be interested to know if you like this once you have tried it, so please leave feedback in the forum.

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What exactly do the program do?
Is it a grafic program ?

No it's not a graphics program, It is just a simple little program where you can create your recipes, Incense recipes, rituals & Spells, if you wanted to keep a Book of Shadows. You have to add the content by simply writing the information or by copying and pasting it into the various categories. I had spoken about to several people and they had asked me how to get it, so I just thought I would share it all at once.
Does it work wit MAC? I thought first to check before I downloaded it.
Sorry, not sure, but I believe it does. But certainly not with Vista on PC's.
You could always do it the old fashioned way, pen and paper.
This is so very true, but when I think about wanting to pass mine on, I really want them to be able read it properly and not guess as some people do not have legible handwriting, even when printed with hand!, so this is just a little extra way to preserve the methods.
LOL Thats an Understatement, My handwriting can not even be deciphered by me some times little alone a Linguist... Its not that is Sloppy, Its that it is sloppy no matter how hard I try to Correct it... It could be due to the fact I have some times little or no feeling in my hands due to my job? I think I might Try your little Program... Thank you for Sharing it...
You rare definately welcome. Hope you enjoy it. Hey I don't have hand problems and sometimes I cannot read what I wrote, just because. LOL
Thanks. I generally do this by hand, but this will be great to have a "backup" of my BOS. I'll give it a looksee.
I downloaded the file and copied a ritual under the ritual tab and saved it; but when I closed it the ritual I entered showed up as a separate icon on my desktop. Is this normal? My desktop would have hundreds of little icons if this is the way the program works.
No that is not usual, something must have gone wrong, you might want to retry. This is the way it is supposed to look: when you click on the icon on your desktop after installing, you will get a password box if you set it up to be password protected. Then after password is entered click ok, then the program opens and you get a blank screen, mine is gray and across the top will be the following in the toolbar: Program Spells Rituals Incense Recipes Help Then open the category you want, like ritual, you will get a drop down menu that says New Ritual Browse Rituals, so go to New Ritual once you enter the info into the space provided, there is a save cancel button click the save and then it should save it right in the ritual area only. DO NOT SAY SAVE AS! It must be saved within the program.
I had the same issue. I just made a new folder and moved everything into it.


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