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I know some of us have a Book of Shadows, but others do not, and perhaps they would like to start one. I have this awesome little program that is wonderful. I have uploaded the file here, because it is an exe file, when you click on it, a box will come up and you must tell it to save to your computer. Once it is downloaded you will be able to set it up, password protect it so that no one but you will have access. A note of caution: If you have Vista OS, it will NOT work. All others are ok, just not on Vista.

I will be interested to know if you like this once you have tried it, so please leave feedback in the forum.

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Really, that's great, as I was told by somebody else that it would not, so that's why I said it wouldn't. Glad it does and now I know, just goes to show.
I also have Vista, but mine did not work with it.
Is there a plan to make a Vista-compatable file so those of us with the newer PC's and laptops can access this program? BB,Smokey
I have to say no as this is an old program and the people are no longer available, but check out efficientdiary in the discussion free downloads for everybody, that one is a whole lot more details and works on all.
It may depend on which version of Vista you have. I have 32 bit Vista Home Basic, and it fails to work even with compatibility settings.

However, it would probably be safe to say that it will not work on Vista, despite maybe a fluke computer or two which is able to run it.
I think this is awesome! Thanks so much for sharing. So much better than just a word document that has all my stuff in it! THANKS AGAIN!!

It is only my pleasure to share. I also LOVE the software.
Word is what i use too to compile all the info before entering it into my physical bos
No Vista, I was told by someone that they had Vista and that it did not work, so I was relying on their information. Just goes to show, don't believe what they tell you all the time.
I used to have this software back in 03. The password protected part never worked for me as I could flub on my password or not put any at all in and still get access to my files. Plus the icons come onto my desktop after I save something in it. I myself use Kule Book of Shadows and it comes with a sidekick on the top of the screen sorta like my digital familiar lol.
I just dl'd Kule after reading your post. I haven't played around much with it. The choice of sidekicks is kind of odd though. Lots of space creatures.
LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just downloaded it on my work pc to see and will be downloading to my laptop tonight.

Is there a way if I work on something on the program from one pc and I can transfer to another pc like through email?


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