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Many witches carry a pendulum with them at all times, to help make the right decisions. Many have become available at your local metaphysical stores, but I feel that a lovingly handmade pendulum is imbued with more personal energy. Here I will tell you how to make your own:

Take a strong string, or a length of leather and tie a ring, gemstone or crystal to the end. That's it. Simple. Now it must be charged.

By the light of the New moon, take a bundle of sage, light one end, and pass the smoke over your pendulum, smudging and purifying your space. Each night, light black candles on your altar to absorb negative energies and holding the pendulum still, chant:

Guide me to the path of truth,
Goddess hear my song.
This pendulum I charge with my energy,
To judge right from wrong.
So mote it be.

Wear the pendulum around your neck for 7 days.

On the 7th. day, you can begin using your new tool. Anytime you need advice before making a decision, dangle the pendulum and observe its movement. Swaying from front to back means Yes, Left to right means No.

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Thank you for this!
I keep pendulums with me for protection rather than spellwork,bu i may give it a shot. Thanks! blessings
I too keep mine with me for protection, but when I am doing any kind of workings I find that it helps to call upon all the powers instead of putting all the burden onto one entity. I find it just works better for me to have the assistance of the elements. It may or may not work that way for you, but it is worth trying if you like. I will be interested in hearing your feedback. Besides the one that I wear all the time, I also have an altar glass which I made strictly for the altar.

Yea and I had to say a true witch's most powerful tool... is her/his mind!


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