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Does anybody know of any good broom lore?

Do you believe/follow any of it?

Broom stuff has been on my mind lately...I remember hearing that if you have a vistor that you are ready to get rid of you just have to lean a broom against the door and they will leave. I did that one today and it worked. A friend of mines wanted a reading and i didnt want to give her one because i had just got done giving a reading before she arrived. So I told her no and she insisted. then said she could give herself one. after i said no i dont want your energy on my cards she still insisted...i broke down and gave her one so she would leave me the f&%# alone!!!! When i went to fix some tea i put my broom against the door and she left about 10 minutes later! Hip Hip Hooray!!! Not to sound mean thats my girl and i love her to death but she's going through some things... i tried to help she doesnt want to take advice and i have giving her many readings on the same damn thing and they all say the same damn thing. she doesnt listen. right now her state of mind is very very annoying, draining and depressing to me. Needless to say this broom lore saying worked for me.

ok nuff said about that .....another broom lore thing ive heard is if a broom falls you will have unwanted company...i havent really paid attention to say if this one works though. can use a broom to sweep negative energy from another person out the door behind them when they leave....i did that today after she left.....i used to wonder why my boyfriends mom was ALWAYS sweeping the floor. it was almost like an obsession...maybe this is why..although she is Christian. idk

ummm....jumping the broom during marriage/handfasting seals the deal. to undo it just jump over the broom backwards.

What others can you add or elaborate on?

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I've never heard anything about broom lore before. Maybe they were afraid you were going to ask them to help you clean up around the house. Threatening people with work is a good way to get them to scram.

D, I would suggest that you do some protection charms for yourself. I understand that your friend is going through some things but from what you told us, she is being self-absorbed and isn't considering others. (I used to plant thistle on one side of the house to keep away unwanted quests, it works great but unfortunately weed killer got sprayed on them, and I haven't replanted)

I purchased a small broom that is scented with cinnamon, I hang this on my kitchen door for protection, I refresh every year around Yule. I find the broom's very cheap at a local dollar store in the Christmas decorations.

I have some books that have a lot of folk lore and I know there are some folk lore about brooms, I will look it up and see if I cant find more for you.
There is a good bit of information about broom magick in Scott Cunningham's wonderful book "Magical Household".

Broom/besom magick is great stuff. We personally keep a broom over each exterior door in our home. It is a great protective device. They are easy to make yourself too, and all the more powerful. A good strong tree branch stripped and tung oiled......... some wheat, saw grass, field grass, straw, whatever....... bunch it, and bind it with twine, rope, string, wire, whatever to the handle.....and continue to embellish!

A house is not a witch's home without a nice broom! ---It's like a Pagan Martha Stewart line! LOL

I love the Magical household!! I have several brooms around my house for different reasons. The kitchen broom to clean,the broom in the magick room to sweep away negativeness before magick working,a wee broom on my front porch turned upwards to capture negative energy from anyone coming in. This is a Scottish thing about the broom always being bristles up against the wall or in the corner,never down,as that is "inactive" and opportunities may be missed to "capture" any bad stuff! I also have my wee witch on her broom in my faerie corner in my kitchen because the fey and her get along real well. My back deck to capture the moonbeams on the bristles too! So keep yiur Bersom up!! Also,the tale that it was easier to "GO" if it were standing heads up!! HA! BB H
I like that story im gonna have to look that up!

lady d
Dame Alice Kyteler an old Irish witch, was a four time widow during 14th century in Kilkenny. According to an accusation brought against her, a neighbor say her outside her home very late at night (I always wondered what he was doing out and about *raises eyebrows*) sweeping the dust from the street into her home. As she did this she chanted a ryhming couplet about bringing all the wealth of the town to her son. After the report the local bishop brought charges against her and Dame Alice was charged with using witchcraft to kill off her four husbands (her own children accused her) and other crimes. She was able to escape out of the country but her maid was left behind and was executed in her place. I found this accounting in Edain McCoy's- Celtic Women's Spirituality
is that a true story?
According to McCoy it is, I have never researched it.
Depending on if your Irish or not! HA! I'd say all the tales are always
hmmm, I always heard it was one empty milk bottle.
this website has an accounting of Dame Alice,


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