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For those who do want to make their opinion known, to call and complain to the producer of the Today Show, dial (212) 664-4249, press 1, then request to speak with Jim Bell from the person who answers. Or, if you prefer, their email is . Kath Lee Gifford can be contacted through her mail bag on her website:


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I think she was joking. You shouldn't take this so seriously.
joking or not, comments like that feed into people real feelings about pagans.
There shouldn't be this much sensitivity in the pagan community about small things. You're just going to have to get over the fact that not everybody has a high opinion of pagans.
i know not everyone has a high opinion of pagans. but comments like this dont make it any better. if she would have said this comment about any other religion say.....jews, jehovah witness, ect.... there would have been an uproar from people! why should she be able to say it about us and get away with it?
LOL :p

:::::rolls eyes::::
I don't think I have it in me to say anything more about this subject.
I humbly refer people to my other posts.

If she stood on her head,nekkid, smeared with grape jelly, dog biscuit in mouth, jiggling to the tune "Under the Boardwalk" while giving an apology during the primetime news of her own volition......there still would be over-sensitive people bitching that what she said was hurtful and "Frak HER!" she wasn't sincere.

As repulsive as the above mentioned picture is....i'm surprised my inner eye isn't now blind. LOL Maybe she is good for something. I now realise that I need more coffee before I post to something like this.

There is NOTHING just about that jelly roll dessert.
Well I do agree about not caring what she says. I mean did anyone realize all the other "offensive" crap she said? Remember the sweatshop incident? Yeah.

However, if this is her opinion... As ignorant as it may be, she has that right to it. Therefore, to herself, she is not wrong.
I agree. But I think she lied. Plus I like Ripa much better. Kathy just sucks.
Hello Alveena,
We've missed you at Pagan Friends.
Uhm...How many threads do we need to make about this? I've counted four so far.

I mean, really? It wasn't THAT outrageous of a comment.
:::::nods::: I've found the whole furor over this amusing since day one. I have money riding on how long it lasts. ;P


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