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i need a spell that will help me get someone out of my home.
i don't want to harm them. i just want them to leave.i have two people
that won't get a job.i want them to leave my home

blessed be,willowwiccan

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Perhaps a spell/ritual to make them feel uncomfortable and unwelcome when they are there? That might work...

do you know a spell . i am still learning.if you know a good one
i would be very thankfull you or anyone you know that can help
me with it

blessed be, willowwiccan
Your suggestion Sin, made me think of The Simpson's -- Mr Burns with his "Release the hounds" -- Is there anything that cartoons can't solve ?

You could try creating a servitor 

Create a Servitor

A Servitor is essentially a servant that you create in order to do your bidding. It is a creature created on the astral plane that performs a certain task which you require.

A servitor could be used to:

  • Guard your property or a loved one(s)
  • bring you things that you might need

I'm sure you could create one to scare away unwanted guest. Create your own personal poltergeist.

That'll get rid of them.

I don't know if these will help you but I recently tried them and the salt one works really well.
Blessed Be

Sprinkle salt in their shoes and imagine them outside your home.

To get rid of unwanted visitors you should place a broom by the front door.
If you can, make a small sweeping motion as place the broom, and if you can
do this without being noticed, so much the better.
This will speed such people on their way and give you some peace of mind.

Good use of the broom as a tool for enchantments or hexes. I use my sweeping outside my house to not only rid blown plant debris, but negative projections from neighbors, coincidence in the amount of rentals and homes repeatedly for sale.

The original poster made the case in 2008 in Pres. Bush II reign and economic meltdown. How it all resolved of two unemployed guests, telling to read and aftermath.

Ideas of spells or signs of curses I've seen in many workplaces over the years.

Well placed hot foot powder. With the intention that they will need to leave, because they will be headed to an even better situation for themselves........... not just for you.
You know, about a year ago or so, a friend of my husbands came to stay for a "few days" until he was back on his feet. After 3 FREAKIN' MONTHS I had finally had enough. Honestly, it was getting to the point where I resented the fact that he breathed on a regular basis! I wanted to KILL him!! And he really wasn't a bad guy, he was just whiney, (which I hate) and would get drunk and wail on and on about his ex wife, (GAG!)

I finally told my husband he HAD to do something. ONE of us was gonna leave, possibly in a body bag. AND, as SIN suggested, my husband just told him he had to go. Period end. And he did and we really haven't seen much of him since, which is kind of too bad. BUT, over staying your welcome is great way to ruin a friendship.

All this to say that if these people mean anything at all to you, you might not want to be too blunt or you might lose them forever. Then again, maybe you WANT to lose them forever. Also, with some people, you HAVE to just be blunt or they don't get it. Anyway, just a thought. A spell or ritual may be more subtle if you want to maintain the friendship. If that's not important to you, just give the boot!

Peace Lily
i will try that.maybe it will work.if it don't
i will just kick them out.thank you for the idea

blessed be, willowwiccan
I had the same problem. A roommate from hell that decided I was going to take care of him financially. I simply challenged him to a game of chess. When I saw his style (he refused to sacrifice any pieces yet expected to win. I figured out he was afraid to give anything up, and take any chances. I then told him that there was another person interested in the room I was letting him use, and they made me an offer of $400 a month to rent it from me. I told him unless he could come up with that much (I was unemployed and needed the money to survive) that I would call the police to have him forcibly removed. He was out in a month. You can use that suggestion or...
as for spells there's two you can try.
1st) write thier name on a piece of paper. Put it in a small bottle or airtight container and make sure its sealed tight. Toss it into a running stream, or river. Wave goodbye as it gets carried away. Remember - it's all in the focus.
2nd)write thier name on a piece of paper. with each line under it rewrite thier name but omit a letter, til it is gone.
John Smith
John Smit
John Smi
John Sm
John S
this can be burned ,or used in conjunction with the first spell.
Remember - it's all in the focus!
Good luck!
A good one is get a piece of paper write their name three times, wishing them well but to leave your home, and imagine them going. Then place some garlic and lilac in a jar. Fold the paper and bind with black string or cotton. Place in jar and seal with lid if it has one if not paper and string will do. Place a white tea tree light on it. Let that burn down. BUT SAFELY IF YOU USE PAPER!! Put it outside if you can somewhere safe. Then go outside and bury the jar. As you're doing it ask the Universe to help you with your request but wish good for the people if you can. When they've gone retrieve the jar and rip up the paper thanking the Universe for listening and granting your wish, and dispose either throw it in the sea, down the toilet or burn it. Then dispose of jar safely in recyce. Hope this helps.
That ones really effective! I've kicked out a few of my roommates that way, and if they keep coming back You can always get a restraining order for added effect.


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