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I Have a Secret
(remind me when I flail)

Relinquish your burdens, proddings, guilts;
unattach from the past beyond
enjoying silly stories;
at will or whim fly on the tails
of dreams, aspirations,
knowing that future is but wisps
wandering out uncharted adventure.
Now, unattach from the present.
See the Earthly plane slowly whirling
under your center of gravity
while you lightly skip toward
whatever draws you,
admiring and intertwining
sensation, thought, feeling
myriad vibratory strands
keeping you real.

(c) December 1, 2007 Laurie Corzett/libramoon

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Interesting language and structure. Im not sure I completely understand the way the title fits with the actual poem. I suppose thats the way with poetry?

Brain Meats 

Sizzling, browbeaten and broken 

like the earth

inconceivability reached and hardly maintained

skip forth on the wings of a stone

flying low under the rug of a far distance shore 

understanding lost transitions found

hail the insubstantia

hail the forward thinking primate



forgotten again

myriad vibratory strands? 

string theory is no theory but the theory of theory 

paxadoxical none sense 

fuck bunk 


long withdrawn

triphysical bullshit 

posted within

forgotten without. 

(c) Derp




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