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Hello everyone,

I decided start a discussion about Pagan’s behaving badly because in the past few months I have experience more than my share of immature and rude behavior from many Pagan’s in our local community.

Much of this behavior is minor (thank the Gods) and has only caused irritation and has damaged relationships. The behavior includes posting personal info on public blogs, bashing one another because things did not go a certain way for a certain person, gossip, bashing the personal beliefs of another, and so MUCH MORE!

I am glad that there have not been any serious gashes in the social fiber (besides the damaged relationships)… at least not yet, but it seems to be getting worse or at least more frequent.

We are the champions of our own spiritual path, should we not be striving to make it as well tread as possible? I know that the ideal of “No Rules and do as you please” attracts many of the less than socially acceptable people. However, I don’t see this as an excuse to behave immorally and immaturely.

I too am solitary, but I also feel there is a need to come together so we can be a strong thriving community built on compassion and understanding. I know plenty of solitaries out there who remain solitary because our community as a whole is lacking compassion and understanding, especially when the “$hit hits the fan”!

What are your experiences? How do we let these ill-behaved people know that doing whatever they want, to whom ever they want, whenever they want is not something a grown adults should do?

How do we help them become more compassionate in contrast to the selfishness they openly display?

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Cheers :) Well said.
You can't make someone more compassionate, that's something they can only do themselves. Rather focus on your own conduct, strive to be the best representative of your beliefs as you can to counteract the bad apples.


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