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The last discussion I posted on here, I asked for ideas to help get rid of the constant yellling and negativity in a friend of mine.

Yesterday when they both left for a short time(or so Haley said) I had to release rage from myself I stood in front of my altar and screamed out a banishing spell at the top of my lungs.

I don't recall the exact words I used just that banishing anger,rage,yelling and all dark negative emotions and energies was part of it.

I waited a long time for them both to get back, then got an idea for a second banishing.

this time I asked the MORRIGAN to bless charge and consecrate a small amount of My Mothers ashes with her power,then asked Herne The Hunter to do the same, Then asked the Morrigan as she is the guardian of the door to the otherworld to open it a crack so Mom could attend the rite, then I asked Mom to come and grant her ashes a part of her energy asking The Morrigan,Herne and Mom all to grant the ashes the ability to drain aall anger,rage ,yelling,and dark,negative emotional energies away from all who cross the ashes of My Mother and keep them off the porch and out of the house permanently, and if anyone crossing Mom's Ashes tried to bring negativity and yelling inside again to let them be filled with fear of My Mothers spirit.

I did not see Haley and Alex till the end of the day, she was upset by the "friend" she was working for. she talked about it to me a few minutes, said she was going to be working today and just wanted to rest for an hour or so then she would eat. she and Alex laid down she did not get up till 4:37a.m.

quietest day I had in 3 days

Today his Mom went back to their house because its easier for her to get to the job she is going to be handling the next 3 days.

I wondered immediately when they went to sleep last night, and immediately after I heard Haley tell me she was working the next 3 days "did my spells do this? did they work that quickly?"

What do you all think could their sleepiness yesterday and Haley getting 3 days of work which keeps her and her aggressive energies away from here for a few days be because of the spell?

I hope things like that keep happening if it is a result of it.

Maybe if as I put in both spells the power of it continues to grow it will make more good luck like that happen

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Those ashes are a powerful tool.

WOW that sounds like a really good ritual cleansing there. I wish I could do the same but at my apartment the neighbor is too close and they would get mad. I might go out in the woods sometime and try something similar.


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