So there tends to be much buzz about 2012, I've heard several different view points/theories. I'm always interested in hearing more.

So what does 2012 mean to you? Or is it just another year?

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Their are five parts to this film , makes for very interesting thoughts *winks * mp Fantum
"By Jim McElwee
Let me start off by saying, factual evidence shows firm proof that the Earth's Poles have flipped several times in the past. It has been roughly 780,000 years Since the last polar shift, and Scientists believe we are overdue for another.
Over the last 2,000 years, the Earths Magnetic Poles have been weakening. As the Magnetic strength of the poles weakens, the Earth's properties change. We reached a point where the Ice Caps are melting and running off into our oceans, interfering with our global currents. We can already see the effects of this with the erratic Weather lately.
This kind of change can only happen for a certain amount of given time until the Balance of Earths Axis is disrupted. When enough weight passes the pivot point,
It is inevitable the Earth's poles will shift to compensate for the weight difference. This can be compared to a glass of water. You can only tilt it until the balance is Disrupted, than in will fall, or shift
When this great shift happens, the Earth will undergo great change. As existing islands and coastlines deplete, new landmasses will emerge from the oceans. Birds will no longer Fly south, weather will suffer drastically, and Earths properties may display unimaginable Change.
As Mother Earth undergoes her changes, Humanity and our consciousness will also change. One, who thinks this is nonsense, is obviously out of touch with reality. This Earth Harbored microscopic organisms, than progressed to plant life. The progression continued and went to basic animal, to complex mammal, and is currently nested upon Human life. Our Earth has been home to huge dinosaurs, flying Pterodactyls, 48-legged insects, and life of
Every flavor. I don't see how anyone can think, "this process will end with us. We are the Ultimate Product."

The more probable answer is that we humans are another step in the great cycle of EARTH. Earth itself is caught in the great cycle of the galaxy, and our galaxy is caught in the great cycle of the universe. Even our SUN (SOL) has a great cycle, which we follow and we are not great enough to stop the cycle.
But the cycles are complex, and sometimes the cycle wipes out all life to prepare for the New Life Ahead. This may be on the verge of happening. The most important part of this, Is the spiritual side. As Life will continue, so will you and your soul. Take time to Connect with yourself spiritually and combat fear.
Written by Jim McElwee for Unexplainable.Net"

Not that I believe the world is ending but I do believe Mother Earth is going to be doing some Spring cleaning. Not only is She overdue for her pole shift, the Sun will be doing its own pole shift in 2012 as well. There have been plenty of documentaries on the history and discovery channel about these events, very informative and would be nice to talk about these since most people think its all a crock :(
Can't wait to see what happens, if anything. Im hoping...end of an era - ascension :)
I read somewhere that they believed that their gods would return to them on this date. They had phenomenal knowledge of time, astrology and math. Its absolutely unbelievable that they knew of Nibiru without the technology of our present day... so someone musta showed them how. Also the Egyptians knew of this planet. Mayans, Egyptians, Aztecs... all of them with amazingly similar structures. So whats the connection? Its all a big mystery to me that begs to be solved before 2012. There is a man that claims to have brought the Egyptians to civilization from the caveman days, taught them how to write, build, and cast magick. Thoth. He also claims to be from Atlantis. So i just wonder whats the possibility that the Nephilim (Bible term) live on this planet and will return to occupy earth for a while... Who knows maybe they will teach us a thing or two.
I think something big will happen, but we can only guess till the actual event! Just keep an open mind and heart, even if the end of the world does occur you cant kill the human spirit, we will move on to something else bigger and better.
So what does 2012 mean to you?

-The next Presidential Election
"So what does 2012 mean to you?"

- Time to order a new Calendar...
I think the Mayans ran out of room. Period. :)

just another day if not why worry in a instant all things will change and we can not change it anyways BB
I heard that they dont have all 12 , I could be wrong , they say they were scatter through out america I believe one even wound in in Europe ? as for alien their are possibilitys , but then again that has me mind shocked as how do they get from here to their even with all our science we still can go no farther then our Moon and Mars , so all I can say is how do they do that ? if their real at all. Im as you its just a little hard for some of what they say to sink in. I question alot of history channel as well. Now thats a thought but wonders who will be around to collect lol BB
No mean to offend any believers of this but I just see no sense in making a year become the end... I mean gee wizz folks, are we wanting to feel important and conjure up a day of destruction, and smile when you are proven right? Creating rumors and setting things like this up will only cause panic to the gullable... I never understood the point in trying to make sense of past prophecies. If something is going to happen, it will just happen, and certainly will not happen when we expect it to. We as a miniscule part of a whole are not important enough to be right in something like this but this is only my opinion. So to answer your question, no, I can not see this world coming to a halt in two years from now...


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