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Hello dear sisters,

Please write your new addresses here. The ones that are in the first group you are fine there unless you change your address. We will start a new one every two years and I will try to go thru the first one and get rid of the addresses that do not work anymore and try to keep better track of it all.

Please don't forget if you can have markings on the envelopes or not.

and have fun writing to each other..

Love and light your way,



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Thank you! And yes, I know the baggie problem. :)

Can I join the kitten writing group? Two of my felines had litters a week apart ( 9 total fuzzy jelly beans between the two ). They are already exploring the rooms they are in and making sure everyone knows it too.

Oh, please please post pictures of the little fuzzy things! :)

My address is still the same. 301 E. Danker St. Knox, IN 46534. But please put my given name (Paige Bradley) on the envelope. Markings are most definitely welcome!!! <3 Please be patient as it may take me a little while to respond. I work an awful lot. :) Blessed be!


Oh, also.... I would like to take this time to ask for healing thoughts for a little girl in my community. Her name is Korie Howard. She is 10 years old and fighting a losing battle with cancer. She has people from all over the world (and several religions) praying for her and sending her letters and care packages. If you would like to send her a letter, you can just send it to me and I will take it to her. Her family is Christian, so please no markings for her letter. But just someone saying 'we're praying for you' or 'fight like a girl' makes her day so much better. :) Please keep her in your thoughts.

I want to thank you all for the emails of well wishes for Korie. But I am sad to say that she lost her battle with cancer in late February. She was a strong little girl and she fought very hard. Again, thank you all. :)

hy my address is the same for now Cathy Kennedy

                                                   P.O. box 137

                                                   York Haven Pa 17370

               marking are fine

30 Colton Ave. Lackawanna, NY 14218

Letters can be addressed to Caelia Hollyherb or Nichole Bailey (my birth name) either are fine. Postman will deliver both also.

Markings are fine on the envelope.

Christina Blevins

13444 N.E. Sandy Blvd. Apt# S-2

Portland, Oregon 97230

Any markings are fine

I'm putting a letter in the mail tomorrow for you, Castilleja!!!

I just sent you a message to confirm my address! But I had to check for myself! LOL

This is the correct one! yay! Im excited :D

KJ Deal

18 Perrine St.

Auburn, NY 13021

I have moved several times since December but am living with family now and don't plan on any more moves unless it's into my own place. But that should be some time off since I have a long trek ahead of me with disability and becoming stable financially.

30 Colton Ave.

Lackawanna, NY 14218

Mail can be addressed to Caelia Hollyherb or Nichole Bailey (my "legal" name). Post master will deliver to both names.

Markings are fine.


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