72 hours to End the War on Drugs
Update June 1 2011
Amazing! In just a few days, we blew past our goal of 500,000 voices calling for an end to the war on drugs. Our message will be hand-delivered to the UN Secretary-General
and world leaders on Friday, June 3 at a press conference in New York. The event
will feature a live counter of petition signatures, so every one of us counts --
let's keep spreading the word and building this campaign!

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Please read the report referenced above.



JUNE 2011

First off, making any drug, prostitution, or gambling illegal is stupid.

One is not infringing on anyones rights.
People are still gonna do it. It being illegal causes problems:

Hookers in any major city where it's illegal compare to Vegas Whores.
In the US it's soooo easy for a high schooler to get anything from weed to ecstasy, but getting alcohol is hard.

It's not a governments place to regulate peoples actions.
"First off, making any drug, prostitution, or gambling illegal is stupid."

I disagree.

Stupid is an understatement!

"It's not a governments place to regulate peoples actions."

it sure as hell shouldn't be...

Ya every drug imaginable is trafficed in schools, because the DARE propaganda
was sooo effective...

And absolutely people would still do drugs. You could make drug charges capital offenses and drug use wouldn't decrease, i'd still burn!

In short: Give me liberty or give me death!
I have to agree with what most of guys said. The government has totally failed with their war on drugs. yes we are finally winning when it comes to hard drugs like coke,meth and heroin but now days we have to deal with synthetic forms of the drugs i mentioned above which really sux because in most cases the synthetic forms are way worse than the actual drug it self. I am however glad that the war on marijuana is final coming to an end eventually it will be over and marijuana will be decriminalized and everybody will be able to grow it in their yard if they wish without fear of having their home raided and their stuff torn apart. One thing i hope is that marijuana is never legalized because than the government will put it in stores and over price it so only the rich can afford it. One thing i do wish for is that when the war on drugs is finally over that each state puts a higher penalty on those caught with any of the drugs i mentioned above. leave the trippers alone is what i say, and that means the people who do LSD,Shrooms,GHB,DMT and a few others leave them alone trippers never hurt anyone.
"yes we are finally winning when it comes to hard drugs like coke,meth and heroin"

google "bath salts", "plant food", "incense", herbal smoke blends, "research chemicals" and Kratom.

We haven't "won" anything, we only changed the game.

As far as synthetics being more dangerous?fuck it, it's irrelevent, however it does show just how far people will go for a fix. Personally I enjoy some of the "incense", some is quite strong but i won't fuck with bath salts.

Weed being decriminalized is a huge victory for freedom and liberty. But ya full legalization could cause problems.

"puts a higher penalty on those caught with any of the drugs i mentioned above"

alcohol is more destructive than all the illicits combined. Drug prohibition needs to be all or none. And stiffer penalties won't do a damn thing. Plus, they aren't that harmful to others, not that they're totally safe but if they only kill the user I don't give a fuck, good ridence, one more irresponsible user gone. However hallucinogens could cause
accidental harm to others. Still the damage caused to society by the illegal trade is far more damaging than the drugs themselves, so banning anything is always a bad idea.
I say do away with knives.  They are so lethal.  People cut up vegetables and get serious lacerations when they are not careful.  And what about the children?  They can so easily poke out their eyes.
Then we will have a knife black market....
Ban guns too right? Because guns kill people right?

Guns DONT kill people!
I think we should ban rocks. Because after we ban guns, knives, and dangerous drugs people will kill each other with rocks. Then let's ban cars because of car accidents. Then let's ban hands because people can kill each other with their hands. Then we will ban sex because that spreads aids and kills people. Then we will ban swimming pools because people drown in them.

signed it
send me a copy of this so i can sign it please.


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