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I've started a new blog! Literally, just a couple of days ago. Addressing hearth cult from a Reconstructionist Anglo-Saxon Heathen (Fyrnsidu) perspective. So, from our little hearth cult of two, we'll be discuing experiences, Heathen matters, and how these play into our lives. I welcome anyone interested to give it a look! The birth of Þunresfolc Hearþ!

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Nice website.  I'm reading the very interesting article on the 'lack of pantheon'. 

You said, "However, I’m tribal minded, not civic minded. This puts me in odd positions on many things in the world, and on many issues."

You said in your blog you didn't want to go into that.  But isn't that what the blog is for?

Actually, it *should* have said "tribal and local minded, as opposed to nationalist or globalist". lol You wouldn't believe how many times I'll find typos by what people bring up.
I didn't go into that because the article itself wasn't political. Those terms tend to *be* politically loaded, so I didn't feel the article was the place for it.


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