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Hey, guys... I just want to make a quick post here about a group I have started through the website for the Apache Junction area and surrounding areas. It is for Pagans, Wiccans, Druids, Shamans, Hedge Witches, Green Witches, Kitchen Witches, Asatru...Who ever. 

Our 'meet and greet' is on August 23rd so there is plenty of time to join. Meet ups are mostly free and there is a Witchcraft 101 class starting in September (that one isn't free...but, almost). 

Here is the link...

Our goal is to provide a safe, peaceful place for Pagans and others to meet, to learn and to teach. 

Hikes, BBQs, guest speakers and lots more in the future. I am already lining stuff up. 

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Just posting to give this a ' bump'.


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