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Man, I don't know what the hell it is!! :S maybe its a hoax!

check out the link!

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maybe it's an inbred otter lol
ya, must be a hoax lol
ya I read about that one before.. thats creepy looking with that beak and everything lol
that thing is kinda creepy looking.
ya there's another picture i saw of it.. a full body pic but for some reason they dont have that pic in this article

There's a full-body pic on this site.

Looks like an otter to me.
prolly, and maybe the water made the fur from its face and paws fall off.
Or it might be a genetic defect.
inbred or something lmfao
It says the animal was dead when they found it. Why the hell aren't there better pictures then. Why is no one examining the corpse etc.

Looks like another hoax to me.
I don't know I live in southern Ontario,,and this is the first I've heard or seen of this creature...I will have to watch Toronto news tonight...Although alittle off topic but we've had some bear sightings around here... In all my yrs of living here we've never had bears down this far... My parents live in northern Ontario and they have bears there..
I can't find any other pictures, all the web pages are missing and the Youtube videos deleted.


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