Man, I don't know what the hell it is!! :S maybe its a hoax!

check out the link!

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hey guys theirs your manbearpig xD
Scuzzlebutt lives!! His Patrick Duffy leg fell off seconds before the picture was taken.
It's obviously a cowpigbulldog. Duh ;)
Yeah, that's what it looks like to me.

Damn Chemi-kills!!!
I guess I am the only "gullible" one here...
if it is a hoax, why is there a name for it? Why would that guy say his dad saw one in the 50's,
that it is rare and that seeing one is a bad omen?
Do ya'll think he just made that up on the spot?

I thik it is much more likely that this is real There are probably even still humans and people-like people undiscovered in the corners of the world, why not this "ugly one"

(Reminds me of the Shaggy Man's Brother, whom the Gnome-king Ruggedo made The Ugly one)


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