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A very Question here Yes Iam so what? I did a Arch Angel spell Last year all Hell broke loose!

I did a  Micheal Spell last year and boy this all HELL brake loose like a very much mad dog!

Oh my gosh it was once freaking tripp ride !    One crazy ass year!

I did one a few protections spell perifcation spells   and it  off the charts crazy!

I did one or two few Demon spells it calmed down? I use to, be scared of the board I thought what the hey I swear I  called up the Demons  Stello and   Raum was it?

Nothing happen other than a few noises I kid you not I did the Sigil at minute at 3am no protective circle with my blood and I also did a Isis one Jack happen I was like I got ripped off all these years off being afraid of them I felt stupid.

He goes none of spells  work I was mad because I could not even  attract a demon even talk about t being  rejected here :(

I am currently reading  Damond Brands  72 Angels maybe I have better luck?

Was wondering why the Demons did not like me ? Or they did decided to not give me what i was asking for?

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I don't even know what to say....Angels, Demons, and Old Gods, Oh my!

I'm right there with you. lol

I have no idea what this thread is about. The OP is incoherent.

Eh, i remember a time her posts were more coherent.

Perifcation spells "purify your periphery"...

I use them when I want to banish the

beast of mis-spelling past...

Wishing you the best , Angji...

( I do remember times you were more coherent )

And I don't know about the demons Stello and Raum...

But O My God , once I did 200 hits of LSD , each , with

four other people , and ***that*** was one freaking

trip ride...

Coming down , we did not invoke any demons...

But we did watch Abbot and Costello meet Frankenstein...

With Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi...

I have often thought about writing a

spelling book for pagans ( and piggins )

butt fter I thut boutit , I rleyezed muzt

wud nut undrstind it...

You ever see this one ?

Sometimes words are important...;)

Fucking aliens man.

I think it's about her doing an angel spell but then she was trying to work with demons and she didn't cause she was scared of them? so she tried and it didn't work? Idk, that's what I got. Not sure how to answer her.

I am so slow. I only NOW just understood what you were talking about with the bork lol

aw you're so sweet <3

the OP always rants incoherent crazy crap........ even a long time ago when they APPEARED to be a little more coherent.. they really really were not.................  bork........ is definitely the word 


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