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A very Question here Yes Iam so what? I did a Arch Angel spell Last year all Hell broke loose!

I did a  Micheal Spell last year and boy this all HELL brake loose like a very much mad dog!

Oh my gosh it was once freaking tripp ride !    One crazy ass year!

I did one a few protections spell perifcation spells   and it  off the charts crazy!

I did one or two few Demon spells it calmed down? I use to, be scared of the board I thought what the hey I swear I  called up the Demons  Stello and   Raum was it?

Nothing happen other than a few noises I kid you not I did the Sigil at minute at 3am no protective circle with my blood and I also did a Isis one Jack happen I was like I got ripped off all these years off being afraid of them I felt stupid.

He goes none of spells  work I was mad because I could not even  attract a demon even talk about t being  rejected here :(

I am currently reading  Damond Brands  72 Angels maybe I have better luck?

Was wondering why the Demons did not like me ? Or they did decided to not give me what i was asking for?

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I think you conjured the Spelling and Grammar demons and they are playing hell with everything you write. In that respect your spells have worked.

King illegal forest, to pig wild, kill in it a is.

Do you write your own spells?

barry, boy, did you post "fuck you" to me, punk?

I'm near charlottesville Va. Care to speak in person? You will, I guarantee, be more polite. VERY much more polite.

Now if you cannot carry on a civil conversation, little boy, don't post anything. Can you manage that?

Pinche inútil..

No, but i've been threatened and called names, while you've participated in it. Gang up on the smart guy who makes y'all feel inferior, lol

I was attacked for criticizing rightwing viewpoints. LOL... I guess the Tea Party runs this site...

And now you're trying to get all huffy as if you've been offended, lol. As offensive as you are, of course you're offended by everything... your ego is very fragile.

Take a screenshot of this too, lol. You'd love to have me arrested and silenced, wouldn't you, traitor.

YOU are why this forum AND this country SUCK. Check yourself, pendeja.

the only one threatening and calling names and making crazy statements is YOU Michel..  the only one huffy is YOU.   you and the OP should get together and  perifcate yourselves........  and read damon brands together.. that would be sweet.  

I see your ranting and raving Michel has not changed .. you blame others for your issues. and it is easy to see it. 

have a good one.. do not strain anything. 

it is easy to see how you are spanmmiong threads. hahahha

he did. but he does it anyway..   passive aggressive little boy.. 

And, oh yeah, to quote Barry:



Whoa, calm down there, Satan!

Don't threaten others with violence. Also, no one picks on people here for being *smart*.

-blinks in confusion; Am I again missing something or....

That left me quite confused because I was looking on this thread and he brought a different discussion onto this one? I just don't understand why? Keep it in that thread or even better, in messages. People just love starting drama lol.


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