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About Money offerings (more specifically coins) on altars


There is something I have been wondering about for some time now. A little backstory on the situation: before I live where I live now(for the past 3-4 yrs) I was never really in a place stable enough or for a long enough period of time, to set up a substantial altar. I knew from the first day I started my path that I wanted one, and have had a couple throughout the years, but they weren't much to write home about LOL. here's a small problem, I haven't encountered until pretty recently, involving offerings.  Now I leave different little things in each of the offering bowls to my gods, but the one thing that is constant is money. I always leave them 13 cents per ritual. Always a dime and three pennies. It has become quite the little devotion ritual within my personal path, and my gods seem to like it :) BUT the problem is what to do after the bowls are so full that they spill out everywhere?  I know the symbolism for spilling money is awesome as far as prosperity/luck mojo goes, but it's really not too practical to have all these coins everywhere lol.  Has anyone else had this problem? Either with their prosperity altar(s), or regular one(s)?  What do you do with the money?  I have been told several things before, from not spending it on myself or on anything like bills, to using it to build up my little temple more, to donating it to a charitable cause or person in need, to people saying to go ahead and use it on myself and needs....but honestly I don't know what to do. There probably isn't a definitive answer, but just wanted to get others' opinions and see what others do.

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 you all have me extremely curious over this as this is something i was thinking of doing tonight in a money spell which i am combining with a green money candle and 3 other colored candles.. silver,brown and green which are representing money that I need to move from my current home, and a house that we are currently looking into buying.. so to me the candles and coin represent goals that need to be acomplished to buy the permanent home of our dreams.


the is one other thing that i am curious about, but i am combining this with a dumb supper for our beloved dead and asking them to intercede for us tonight, figuring that it is so close to samhain night and ive been waiting for the right moment to do this.. this just seems to be the most peaceful night to do this with no distractions.  i am wondering if anyone else has done this?

i suppose that if the goals are fufilled  i can either place them at our new home or give away the coin to charity.

i havent procured the home yet... thats in in the infant stages... but i could certainly hold onto the coins if we manage to get the keys to the home.


the other times ive typically buried the coins in my garden or gardening pots.


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