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About Money offerings (more specifically coins) on altars


There is something I have been wondering about for some time now. A little backstory on the situation: before I live where I live now(for the past 3-4 yrs) I was never really in a place stable enough or for a long enough period of time, to set up a substantial altar. I knew from the first day I started my path that I wanted one, and have had a couple throughout the years, but they weren't much to write home about LOL. here's a small problem, I haven't encountered until pretty recently, involving offerings.  Now I leave different little things in each of the offering bowls to my gods, but the one thing that is constant is money. I always leave them 13 cents per ritual. Always a dime and three pennies. It has become quite the little devotion ritual within my personal path, and my gods seem to like it :) BUT the problem is what to do after the bowls are so full that they spill out everywhere?  I know the symbolism for spilling money is awesome as far as prosperity/luck mojo goes, but it's really not too practical to have all these coins everywhere lol.  Has anyone else had this problem? Either with their prosperity altar(s), or regular one(s)?  What do you do with the money?  I have been told several things before, from not spending it on myself or on anything like bills, to using it to build up my little temple more, to donating it to a charitable cause or person in need, to people saying to go ahead and use it on myself and needs....but honestly I don't know what to do. There probably isn't a definitive answer, but just wanted to get others' opinions and see what others do.

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without symbology... nothing has a purpose other than to decay....
I beg to differ.... the sciences of mentalism,  medicine, astronomy, and the numeric codifications were all the tools of the ancient mystics (chemistry too)
I dont give coins to the gods, but instead I have a bunch of coins from other countries to inspire fortune to come my way.
I am not sure why what I think "the gods need money for" matters when sacrifice doesn't really have anything to do with the usefulness of the item given up.  I always looked at it as something  given up because it has value to YOU. "
It's hard to say.  When I make a sacrifice of coins, it's literally sacrificed.  It's not meant for anyone else but the gods.  Since I am a priestess of my own temple, as another poster said, if I don't feel the need to use the money in the service of the gods (give it to myself to use for further altar supplies/pay for offerings), I put it where no one else can use it either.  When I was in Paris, I went to Sacre Coeur and knowing an ancient Roman temple used to stand there, I threw a handful of euro coins in the greenery in sacrifice and to fulfill a vow to Mercury/Hermes.  LOVE the statue of Dionysus.

but a waste of coin by burying it or throwing it away is simply tossing away energy; totally pointless in my mind.

Depends upon your gods and POV.  A sacrifice is supposed to be something that costs you.  In my tradition, burnt offerings are quite common.  Mostly, it used to be that you burnt certain sections of a sacrificial animal and ate the rest - priests/priestess/faithful - but sometimes, the offering was totally burnt.  They put a carcass on a fire and burned it up completely.  Nothing to eat, nothing left but ashes.  A waste?  Pointless?  Maybe to you because you're thinking of it as wasted meat, but you gave it away.  What the gods asked you to do with your sacrifice isn't up to you.


Not to disrespect the gods, but it's like giving money to a homeless person.  Do you tell them not to waste it and only spend it on useful items?  Or do you not care because it's no longer your money? 


Same principle.

I wish there was a like button sometimes.  This is exactly what I was going to say to a response from someone else up there lol. :)
Idolatry whether, it be for physical superhuman beings or just complex ideas, has really worked well for me these past few years. jus sayin' lol

When I finish with an offering of money (it's usually a couple of coins, I don't let it overflow), I take them with me when I go out...and if I see a charity I feel a particular draw to (usually animal shelters and such), I donate the money to them (put them into the little donation box).


I did this once...I asked my Goddess for assistance when we were selling our home (it wasn't selling and we were running out of time). I offered coins, as she is particular to silver, and the home sold. I then donated the money I offered to a local animal shelter (as animals sacred to her are dogs, and dogs are usually found within animal shelters). It made sense to me, and I don't see how it would have been offensive to her...why waste perfectly good money, just throwing it away?

The same can be said about other types of offerings....


.why waste perfectly good money, just throwing it away?


The same can be said about other types of offerings...




Why did you waste money on incense and then burn it up?  You could have spent the money on the homeless.

Why did you waste money on candles and then burn them down?  You're just throwing money away.

Why did you buy flowers/put perfectly good fruit on the altar?  It's just going to rot and go to waste, it's pointless...etc., etc.


You have to get past the idea that the sacrifices you give to the gods are still yours.


Archaeologists find beautiful works of art, expensively wrought weapons at the bottom of lakes and rivers.  They're sacrifices to the gods.  I'm sure people somewhere were thinking "What a waste, all that gold at the bottom of a sinkhole..."

I really like the points you were making, and it really does go with my train of thought when it comes to sacrifice to the gods.


 Everything else I had offered was either buried, burned, or tossed in i definitely feel where you're coming from. It's just been these past few years that I have been leaving offerings at a permanent temple of my own making, so I didn't have offering bowls that could be filled until pretty recently. 


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