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This is a main stay in a lot of belief's in one form or another.

 Albert Einstein called it "Spooky action at a Distance" &

 how would this affect, what some would call disturbances in the "FORCE"

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Nonlocality is a proven (by experiment) principle. A mathematical proof called the “Strong Free Will Theorem” indicates that entangled pairs have as much freedom as experimenters do in setting up their experiment. In short, freewill is not a unique feature of human physiology or spirituality, but a fundamental feature of the universe, at least down to the quantum level and probably below. If particles have freewill to choose their waveform collapse state, then they are open to persuasion, and persuasion at one level or another is the basis of most magical practice. The Rhine Institute’s experiments indicate that distance and time are irrelevant to telepathic/telekinetic activity, which the Remote Viewing work done by the CIA supports. There’s a very good argument for treating remote viewing and the Rhine work as the same phenomena category as magic—same phenomena different applications.

P.S. The Hidden variable theory has been disproved by a mathematical proof.

While there is no way to eliminate non-locality using classical methods, there is an interesting theory that might explain some of its effects. The theory suggests that the present consists of an interference pattern of two waveforms, one travelling from the past, and one travelling from the future. This would mean information about the experimental setup is reaching the entangled pairs from the future.

Expanding on this theory has interesting results. You could consider the universe as a waveguide with an initial wave travelling from the past to the future where it bounces off the end-of-time boundary and reflects back to the past. This, of course, would happen instantaneously an infinite number of times producing a stable standing wave—or matter/energy by another name. For you hologram fans—this standing wave would be a hologram.

At this point, it might be redundant to mention that the Rhine Institute produced an experiment which indicated that information can, in fact, travel backwards in time. I think there is an alternate explanation for the results for this experiment, since it involves sequestering information for a period, it could actually be a macro-level Schrödinger’s cat scenario.  Which one scares you the most time travel or macro-level uncertainty?

Know nothing of the Rhine Institute, However, Edinburg University and Para-normal

Research centers of the old Soviet Union have a lot of studies concerning Remote Viewing

and a host of other Physic Phenomena.

for example.

 What concerns me is the dark side which TV and Movies show. In the 50's there was

a TV program that taught One how to bend spoons, upset a lot of house wife's.

The Minds Quantum connection to the past/future is just the tip, mind power is/can

be very unsettling considering the device's  be put out utilizing VR.

 Then their Monster's from the Id> 1956 movie 'Forbidden Planet/p>

 Thanks for the input, I will check the Institute out

The Rhine Institute is a parapsychology research center that started as a department at Duke University in North Carolina, USA. Dr. J. B. Rhine started it with the idea of doing accepted science with parapsychological research. After Rhine’s death, the University pushed the research group out, due to pressure from the materialist community, into a separate institute, which now I think is mostly an archive for Rhine’s research. Rhine’s work is some of the best, and because they had to constantly prove their legitimacy, their experimental protocols are the tightest in all of science.

Speaking of monsters from the id, part of Rhine’s work was with Poltergeist activity, which in most cases is a physical manifestation of the unconscious turmoil in a psychokinetic subject—usually a teenager. This links up very nicely with Jung’s example of synchronicity where a subject’s mental breakdown corresponded in time with the failure of a chandelier chain.

The theoretical framework I use describes both the psychokinetic and the synchronistic effect as the same phenomena as appears in magic. Magic is the technology, which uses these phenomena. I base this on the existence of a field of Freewill called the K-Field, which resolves the choice inherent in quantum waveform collapse. So, instead of explaining magic by physics, I explain physics by magic.:)

@Medb St. Jerome - The theory suggests that the present consists of an interference pattern of two waveforms, one travelling from the past, and one travelling from the future.

So this would explain my dreams of the future, as they pertain to my life that I experience?

Rhine and his researchers had a hard time distinguishing precognition from psychokinesis. There seems to be an “uncertainty principle” around whether you are viewing the future or causing it to happen. That issue continued with retro-psychokinesis — i.e. changing the past or simply causing the uncertainty to collapse. In any case, past and future are much more fluid than most people like accept.

I was hoping this would be an explanation for the akashic record, which contains every word, thought and deed. So the future unfolds as expected. The idea that I could be influencing the future at a specific point is something I have considered from the point of Reincarnation, that we plan our lives before we're born and live them out, but at the same time, for example, just because I planned to be a criminal in this life, doesn't mean I have too. It's a choice, which I could be influencing in the future...

Very seductive idea. Thank you.

The K-Field theory does explain the Akashic record and Rupert Sheldrake's morphic field. It's a field of freewill which contains both Thought flows and Memory structures. If you're familiar with the "Book of Causes" you can see Freewill as "Being", Thought as "Mind", and Memory as "Soul". With memory you get time as time is meaningless without memory. In the "Book of Causes" time comes from "Soul".

This also leads into Information Theory with Information Entropy being a measure of meaning. --But frankly, this is a book's worth of material, and I'm still working on the third edition. The first is in hand bound leather on my bookshelf. :)

One catch, freewill means the universe is not deterministic, but is the result of a multitude of choices many of which are of inhuman origin and thus appear random because we don't understand the motivations of the choosers.

Yes, thank you for the Link, and I appreciate you taking the time to condense a book, into a paragraph to answer my question.

I'm not familiar with the book you mentioned, and it raises even more questions, if time comes from Soul, then time did not exist until the moment of the big bang, which was created according to M Theory by two Branes colliding. Are these the souls of God and Goddess?

I'll look at the Link.

Sorry, it's a bit of old Gnostic philosophy. The terms are not exactly matched to Modern concepts, which have been shaped by the Church. Soul here refers sort-of to the consciousness or awareness of the universe. It's the Universal mind and Universal soul not individual spirits. Also 'Causes' is more like 'Births' rather than the common modern 'cause and effect' dichotomy.

The term shift is like Gemma Gary's using Shadow to refer to consciousness or soul, while many people would hear Shadow and think of Jung's unconscious reflection of consciousness.
If you read older traditions or older material you have to translate, and sometimes I forget that not everybody knows the translations. :)

One this subject line, you might find this Runesoup Podcast interesting:


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