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This is a main stay in a lot of belief's in one form or another.

 Albert Einstein called it "Spooky action at a Distance" &

 how would this affect, what some would call disturbances in the "FORCE"

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It is all a matter of perspective;

Ever wonder how things written up to a thousand years or more in the past are being realized now days?

Strictly speaking this article is not correct. We’re building with progressively higher levels of abstraction, but some engineer viewed each layer below in isolation at some time in the past. Once each layer is complete, it becomes a brick in the next layer so we’re standing on the shoulders many-many other engineers. In my personal development environment, I have a very large framework library that I built piece by piece, but now I don’t look at the individual pieces. I just plug the blocks together, so I can develop stuff much faster than I could a few years ago. However, I did see all the individual pieces that came before. The hardware side works about the same as the software in this case—with IC Chips replacing individual circuits, domain specific chips replacing individual IC chips, etc.  Of course, if society collapsed, and we lost our current level of societal support, it would take centuries to recoup.

Using ships schematics to preform damage control and preventive maintenance in

the US Navy, then in 88 started computer electronics on the 80-86/88 micro-controllers

which got me hired by a company building HFC systems for the old TCI.

The communication of information on so many levels; I get flashes of insight thru

the veils of possibilities I gained by 50 yrs of reading Sci/Fi. thousand's of stories

by hundreds of authors.

 I am a tool user learning to combine what I find on the WWW in words to be understood.   

Apply 3-d printing> Electronics, fabric with field modulation?

Resource acquisition from space, lots of potential $$$$$$ for the disposal able global culture!!! 


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